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Medic Achievements


First Do No HarmTF2 Medic Achievement - First Do No Harm

Play a full round without killing any enemies, and score the highest on a team of 6 or more players.

Tip: Stay passive, restrict your actions on healing. Continuously healing of your teammates should get you enought points for scoring first.

Quadruple BypassTF2 Medic Achievement - Quadruple Bypass

Heal a teammate who's taking fire from 4 enemies at once.

Tip: Pick a heavy class as your patient. You have to be patient, because it is very rare to encounter 4 enemies at once. The heavy is well suited for this achievement, as he has a huge amount of health.

Group HealthTF2 Medic Achievement - Group Health

Work with 2 other Medics to deploy 3 simultaneous Uber-Charges.

Tip: Without additinal medics, this is not going to work. The easiest way is to work with 2 of your friends and charge your ubers to deploy them together once a round starts.

Surgical PrepTF2 Medic Achievement - Surgical Prep

Have an Uber-Charge ready before the Setup phase ends.

Tip: Fairly easy. Get your uber readybefore a round starts.

Trauma QueenTF2 Medic Achievement - Trauma Queen

Deploy 3 Uber-Charges in less than 5 minutes, and assist in 5 kills during that time.

Tip: This one is a fight against the clock. Stay with a heavy or a soldier and heal him all the time. Don't waste any time and deploy the ubercharges once they are ready.

Double Blind TrialTF2 Medic Achievement - Double Blind Trial

Deploy an Uber-Charge within 8 seconds of a nearby enemy Medic deploying his.

Tip: Well, this one is all about luck or communication.

Play DoctorTF2 Medic Achievement - Play Doctor

In a team with no Medics, be first to switch to Medic after a teammate calls "Medic!", and then heal 500 health.

Tip: Search for a team without a medic and wait until someone calls for one. Then quickly switch classes and start healing.

TriageTF2 Medic Achievement - Triage

Deploy an Uber-Charge on a teammate less than a second before they're hit by a critical explosive.

Tip: Save one ubercharge and deploy it right in time. It's all about timing.

Preventive MedicineTF2 Medic Achievement - Preventative_Medicine

Block the enemy from capturing a control point with an Uber-Charged teammate.

Tip: If a foe advances to your CP, you and your buddy must have an uber ready.

ConsultationTF2 Medic Achievement - Consultation

Assist a fellow Medic in killing 3 enemies in a single life.

Tip: As said in the description.

TF2 Medic Achievement - Does It Hurt When I Do This.pngDoes It Hurt When I Do This?

Kill 50 Scouts with your syringe gun.

Tip: Switch to your needle gun immediatly and start firing. if you see a scout coming at you.


Peer ReviewTF2 Medic Achievement - Peer Review

Kill 10 Medics with your bone saw.

Tip: Stick to the bonesaw when dealing with enemy medics.


Big PharmaTF2 Medic Achievement - Big Pharma

Assist a Heavy in killing 10 enemies, where neither of you die.

Tip: Very tough achievement. You need a skilled heavy, lots of gamesense and attention. Neither one of you must die.

You'll Feel a Little PrickTF2 Medic Achievement - You'll Feel A Little Prick

Assist in killing 3 enemies with a single Uber-Charge on a Scout.

Tip: A skilled scout has to kill 3 foes while under the effects of an ubercharge.

AutoclaveTF2 Medic Achievement - Autoclave

Assist in burning 5 enemies with a single Uber-Charge on a Pyro.

Tip: Deplay your uber on a pyro and kill 5 enemies. You should keep your medigun on the pyro to benefit from the full 10 seconds of your ubercharge. Lighting your enemies is sufficient

Blast AssistTF2 Medic Achievement - Blast Assist

Assist in exploding 5 enemies with a single Uber-Charge on a Soldier.

Tip: The Kritzkrieg is the better choice for this one. 10 seconds of critical rockets and 5 enemies should die to 4 rockets easily.

Blunt TraumaTF2 Medic Achievement - Blunt Trauma

Assist in punching out 4 enemies with a single Uber-Charge on a Heavy.

Tip: While in ubercharge, the heavy has to hit 4 enemies with his fists. Try picking a spot without much room for enemy players to evade the heavy.

 Medical BreakthroughTF2 Medic Achievement - Medical Breakthrough

Assist in destroying 5 enemy Engineer buildings with a single Uber-Charge on a Demoman.

Tip: For this one, you will need a spot, where two engineers have placed their buildings. One engineer is limited to 4 buildings (sentry, dispenser, teleporter entrance and exit). A Demoman has to spread his stickies wisely between the buildings to destroy them within the ubercharge time.

  Midwife CrisisTF2 Medic Achievement - Midwife Crisis

Heal an Engineer as he repairs his Sentrygun while it's under enemy fire.

Tip: Simply heal an engy, that repairs his sentry which is under fire.

TF2 Medic Achievement - Ubi concordia, ibi victoria Ubi concordia, ibi victoria

Assist in killing 3 enemies on an enemy control point, in a single life.

Tip: Clear an enemy CP with a heavy class. Many enemy players packed closely together is a must for this one.

 Grand RoundsTF2 Medic Achievement - Grand Rounds

Heal 200 teammates after they've called for "Medic!".

Tip: Simply farm this achievement by healing anyone who calls for medic (watch the signs above their heads).

TF2 Medic Achievement - Doctor Assisted Homicide Doctor Assisted Homicide

Assist in killing 20 nemeses.

Tip: This one is pretty random, as you can not see, who is the nemesis of your patient.

 Infernal MedicineTF2 Medic Achievement - Infernal Medicine

Extinguish 100 burning teammates.

Tip: Extinguish any burning team mate until he stops burning.

 Placebo EffectTF2 Medic Achievement - Placebo Effect

Kill 2 enemies in a single life, while having your ÜberCharge ready, but undeployed.

Tip: Ubercharge has to be ready. Then, kill 5 enemies. Try to be at full health all the time and make use of situations where you have an advantage over your enemy (e.g. enemy is low on health).

 SawbonesTF2 Medic Achievement - Sawbones

Hit enemies with your bonesaw 5 times in a row without dying or missing.

Tip: Two enemies close together are useful for this. You have to hit them 5 times without missing a shot.

 InternTF2 Medic Achievement - Intern

Accumulate 7000 heal points in a single life.

Tip: Collect 7000 healpoints. Stay passive and stay away from the frontline and you should be fine.

 SpecialistTF2 Medic Achievement - Specialist

Accumulate 10000 heal points health in a single life.

Tip: Same strategy as above. Stay passive and behind your mates.

 Chief Of StaffTF2 Medic Achievement - Chief Of Staff

Accumulate 1 million total heal points.

Tip: Heal. Heal. Heal!!!!

 Hypocritical OathTF2 Medic Achievement - Hypocritical Oath

Kill an enemy Spy that you have been healing.

Tip: Heal and kill an enemy spy. Of course, this only works if the enemy spy is disguised as you cannot heal him otherwise

 Medical InterventionTF2 Medic Achievement - Medical Intervention

Save a falling teammate from dying on impact.

Tip: Shortly before hitting the ground, you have to get your healing ray on your mate to restore some healthpoints while he is still airborne.

 Second OpinionTF2 Medic Achievement - Second Opinion

Uber-Charge 2 teammates at once.

Tip: Switch your ubercharge between two people. They have to be invulnerable during the whole time of your ubercharge.

 Autopsy ReportTF2 Medic Achievement - Autopsy Report

Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you taunting above their ragdoll.

Tip: After you killed a player, step next to his corpse, perform a taunt [G] and make a screenshot. You have to be quick!

 FYI I Am A MedicTF2 Medic Achievement - FYI I Am A Medic
Use your bonesaw to kill a spy who has been calling for 'Medic!'.

Tip: Lots of attention and lots of patience are the key, because not every enemy spy calls for a medic.

 Family PracticeTF2 Medic Achievement - Family Practice

Uber-charge 5 of your Steam Community Friends.

Tip: Any friend off your friendslist counts as one. 10 different friends of yours have to receive an ubercharge from you.

 House CallTF2 Medic Achievement - House Call

Join a game that one of your friends is in and then deploy an Uber-Charge on him.

Tip: Search a server for you and your buddy, join and deploy an ubercharge on him.

 Bedside MannerTF2 Medic Achievement - Bedside Manner

Be healing a teammate as he achieves an achievement of his own.

Tip: Heal a player which earns an achievement. You need luck for this.

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