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TF2 Pro Guide - Team Fortress 2 - Scout

Nick: AppZ
Realname: Kirk Preston
Age: 23

What are the Pros of the Scout?

Scout is a very versatile fast paced class also a heavy damage dealer making it both an exellent support and solo class

What are the Cons of the Scout?

Low health and only hitscan weapons means timing and good accuracy are critical

What are the main functions of the Scout in 6vs6?

The scouts main function varies throughout the game, typically on control point maps the scouts would be expected to arrive at the middle control point at the same time as the demoman giving him support and protecting him from other scouts. As the game progresses the scouts role changes typically the scouts are expected to cap the control points as the heavier classes push forward, this seems contrary to what most people would think they should be doing, less experienced players will attempt to use the scouts speed to attempt to push on by themselves, however this is detramental to the rest of the team, as the scouts cap faster than other classes (x2) it is more effective that both scouts stay on the control points while the heavier classes with their reduced speed push forward, as the scouts then push forward this allows the entire team to remain as a single unit for attacking the next control point.

Typically this scenario repeats for previous and further capture points, the heavier classes push forward while the scouts remain back until the last second to stop other scouts attempting a sneaky re-cap. Other things to think about are using the scout duo as a single unit to cover alternative routes to capture points while the rest of the team pushes through the primary route, this again stops other scouts from getting sneaky re-caps.

Engagement / what to do vs.?

Typically scouts in any 1v1 situation are likely to come out on top due to their immense damage and speed, however in a 6v6 situation the scouts must attempt to focus their attention on critical targets (medic, demoman, other scouts) as the bulk of the enemy team combined with the medic heals will make it almost impossible for them to simply kill everything solo, engagement must be done cautiously and the scouts must focus primarily on staying alive to help support the rest of the team and capture the control points as the rest of the team advances.

Other things to think about as scout are 1v1 / 2v1 / 3v1 combat situations vs other classes, it is perfectly possible for a single scout to kill a medic attached to either a demoman or a soldier solo, however typically a scout vs 2 other scouts will rarely prevail, scouts vs specialist classes should also approach combat situations with caution, a scout vs a pyro should be typically fought at as far a distance as possible, using the pistol to weaken the enemy pyro before finishing him off with a few scattergun shots, similarly a scout or 2 scouts vs an engineer the focus should be on killing the engineer himself before taking out the dispenser and sentry gun with the pistol, however this is not always possible and if a sentry is in a good position (where the scout cannot either strafe around or jump on top of to avoid the sentry locking onto the target) then the best option is to retreat to support the rest of the team.


Aim practice, aim is critical for the scout practice regularly and stay on form the extra 5% accuracy from being sharp may be the difference between winning and losing a game. Think of the rest of the team, its easy for a scout to forget about the rest of the team due to the speed and firepower the class has, if u can focus on helping the team with these attributes then victory will become easier.

TF2 Pro Guide - Team Fortress 2 - Scout


Nick: Zerox
Clan: EX Team Coolermaster
Realname: Matthias K.
Age: 25

What are the pros of the Scout?

  • fast and able to do doublejumps

  • can do a lot of dmg in close combat with the scattergun while being hard to hit

  • can run around sentries

  • caps points quicker than other classes

What are the cons of the Scout? 

  • Low amount of ´health

What are the main functions of the Scout in 6vs6?

  • capping points

  • killing the medic

  • killing classes that are low on health

  • triggering übercharge on the enemy medic

  • getting behind the opponent to backcap or frag

  • help the demo

How to engage / what to do vs.?

Scout vs Scout:
I find dodging on the floor gives the best compromise between aim and not getting hit. When you run out of ammo you can either start double jumping wildly to avoid being hit and reload or use the pistol when you know the enemy is low on health. Avoid doing movememts straight at the opponent.

Scout vs. Sniper:
Try coming from behind or the side and avoid movements in a straight line or straight at the sniper cause they are easy to predict. You can try shooting him when he spotted you while being too far away so he can't aim properly.

Scout vs Soldier:
Try getting at him from behind and avoid getting hit by a rocket or splashdamage because he can then easily kill you with the Shotgun. Better not attack a soldier in a small room or hallway unless he is low or you can get him from behind.

Scout vs Medic:
Wait for the moment when the team isn't paying too much attention on their medic and then try to get as close as possible without being noticed. In the best case you can kill him with two easy shots. If a medic is running away be careful when chasing him around corners cause they spam their needles there.

Scout vs Heavy:
Aproach the Heavy in close combat only when he doesn't have his gun spinning then you can take him down quite easily. If he got a medic you will need 6 shots point blank and you wont have time to relaod so if one shot misses it's better to fall back.

Scout vs Pyro:
Staying out of the Pyros range and pistol him so he needs to switch to the secondary weapon then you can go into close combat.

Scout vs Engineer / Sentry Gun:
Staying out of range of the sentry and use the pistol when the Engineer is not behind it. If the sentry is built in a bad spot so you can get quite close you can also try running around it while shooting. If done properly the sentry wont be able to focus on a Scout because he can run faster around it than the sentry can turn.

Scout vs Demoman:
Get into close combat when he uses his sticky launcher and he won't be able to detonate them in time. If he uses the grenade launcher you will have to do some dodging and double jumping to avoid getting hit. Be aware that he can have some sticky traps hidden in the direction he is falling back to.


  • Try to get overhealed by your medic to have an advantage over other scouts 

  • Don't forget about the pistol

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