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TF2 Basics

TF2 Basics


Ways to blow the cover of a spy

  • Enemy player are an obstacle. So if a teammate blocks you then he’s a disguised spy.
  • The contour of invisible enemy spies become visible for a short time if the spy gets hit.
  • If you’re running around and get stuck for a short period of time then most probably you ran into an invisible spy of the opposing team.
  • A teammember who needs to walk a long distance to get back to his own respawn could be a spy.
  • A disguised spy seldomly walks as fast as the class originally can. That means, that a spy walks way slower as a scout than a real scout.
  • If a player carries the own name when you aim at him then he’s a spy.
  • A teammember plays a class which isn’t displayed in the team’s scoreboard: He’s a spy!

Weapons and their Effects

  • All weapons cause less damage the longer the distance is (except for the sniper rifle and the grenades of the demoman).
  • The flamecone of the pyro halves itself if he’s running forward, because he’s catching up with his own flame. If the enemy is fleeing he should rather use the shotgun.
  • The medic can make two players invincible simultaneously because it takes a while until the shield wears off. If you’re switching your target fast enough you can make them both continuously invincible.
  • With the demoman in the defense you should place stickybombs onto the own capture points. If you hear that the point is being taken then you should wait a little with the ignition. Often this action is only feinted.
  • The overcharge of the medic is charged faster if he has to heal real lifepoints.
  • Stickybombs which block certain pathes deter the enemy and force the opponent to take other ways. It’s more effective though if you hide the stickybombs and actually use them.

Hints for the engineer

  • You can turn the sentrygun 90° by pressing the secondary attack key.
  • A teleporter (doesn’t matter if it’s functional or not) is an excellent medium to attract spies. If you place one outside of the room where the sentrygun was placed then you’ll most probably know if there’s a spy near, because spies seldomly let the chance slip to turn off a teleporter.
  • You can build under water, too. Teleporter-exits won’t be detected as easily. A dispenser prevents players from drowning because it can heal faster than you can take damage under water.


Preferences and Options

You can’t adjust much in TF2, which is supported by a lot of players. Of course you will experience advantages if you increase the graphic details. Then again, if you increase it too much you might lower your FPS (frames per second) in a way that it starts to jerk, which of course is a huge disadvantage. If you enter the command cl_showfps 1 in the console, you can check how good your game’s performance is. You shouldn't get lower than 30 FPS if you don’t want to negatively affect your gameplay.

An important point ist he mouse sensitivity. It’s not possible to state an optimal reference value, because the mouse sensitivity in game is dependent of the sensitivity in Windows. Nevertheless you can say that it should be higher than in other games like counter-strike because you have to turn faster during infights. Only if you play the sniper you might want to choose a lower setting to aim a more precisely over the distance. If you experience that the mouse acts a little weird then you possibly still have the mouse acceleration option in Windows enabled. This option examines not only how far you move the mouse but also how fast you move it. 

Arrow-Key vs. WASD
If you’re a novice in this game and if you can’t decide whether you want to use the arrow-keys or WASD (or any other combination), you can relax: The ways have been parted concerning this question in TFC already. To sum it up: Both options work in TF2 and both have their own advantages and/or disadvantages.

The FOV is some sort of zoom. Currently you can’t change this option with the command “fov xyz” manually but you an change it in the multiplayer-option in the options area. A higher FOV setting means that you’ll have a bigger field of view. Of course the enemies will appear smaller then. Because of the bigger field of view and because of the faster movements of the walls on the left or right you might think that you move around faster, but that’S just an illusion. The big advantage of a higher FOV is that you can see enemies earlier who try to attack you from the left or right flank.

Change your own name
A lot of players are looking for a possibility to change their names in the options area in unavailingly. The nickname ingame is always the name which you have in the steam community, respectively which you chose in the friendslist. If you ever appear under the name [unknown] or something like that then you would have to login into the friends-network. After that the name will be updated. You can gain access to the friends-network ingame by pressing SHIFT+TAB.
Or Type \"setinfo name YOURNEWNAME\" in the console!

Adjustments to the gamma setting were of high importance in TFC. In TF2 though you don’t have to rely on an excessive brightness of the screen because there are almost no dark corners in the current maps which you would have to brighten up.


For our english Visitors we advise to have a look at the original TF2.wiki article about scripting.

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