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King of the Hill

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King of the Hill Maps


King of the Hill Maps have, similar to Arena Maps, just one control point in the middle of the map. The team that controls the point for 3 minutes receives one point. On this maps, it is crucial not to waste time, thus fast and intense fights are very common.



TF2 Map KOTH Viaduct KOTH Viaduct Overview

Viaduct is next to Nucleus and Sawmill the first official King of the Hill Map, that was released with The Classless Update.



TF2 Map KOTH Harvest KOTH Harvest Overview

Harvest was at first just a Community map but was added to the game with the Halloween Update. Moreover is got a special event edition just for the halloween days: it is night and everywhere are exploding pumpkins, sweets and a map specific ghost(Zephaniah Mann himself).



TF2 Map KOTH Nucleus KOTH Nucleus Overview

Nucleus was added with the big Sniper vs. Spy Update and is actually the first indoor arena. It was one of the first map that supported the TF2-Bots. However, the map was added to the KotH pool in a later update.



TF2 Map KOTH Sawmill KOTH Sawmill Overview

Sawmill is a modification of the identically named Arena map. The basic frame has not changed, the only change was the gametype.



TF2 Map KOTH Harvest Event KOTH Harvest Event Overview

Harvest Event is a special Halloween-version of koth_Harvest, which was the very first event map. It was added with the Haunted Halloween Special Update on October 29 2009. This map features haunting ghosts, that stuns players similar to the Sandman's effect and moreover, all over the map are pumpkins that explode  and may even kill enemies when the pumpkins are hit. Health Packs are changed with chocolate bars and baskets of sweets. Ever and anon, killed players drop a small pumpkin filled with speeds, that provides the player who picks it up with a short Crit Boost.



TF2 Map KOTH Lakeside KOTH Lakeside Overview

Lakeside was added with the Community Map Pack Update and represents an Egyptian temple complex on a great lake. The map design and the gamplay are outstanding, that is obviously why the map was added officially. Lakeside's map designer ist the same who did Mountain Lab.



TF2 Map KOTH Badlands KOTH Badlands Overview

This Badlands modification was integrated from the beta with the Hatless Update. The map is generally the same as the Arena version of Badlands, it experienced just a minor change: The spawn room was extgended by one room.



TF2 Map KOTH Viaduct Event KOTH Viaduct Event Overview

Viaduct Event, also know as Eyeaduct, is the Halloween version of koth_Viaduct and is the third Halloween map (next koth_Harvest_Event and cp_Manor_Event) and was added with the Very Scary Halloween Special Update. The significance on Eyeaduct is the so called "Underworld". One gets there by hopping into the portal that opens when the MONOCULUS teleports on the map. You loose constantly health in the Underworld. One shoudl definitely go fast for the portal, that brings you back to the actual map. When teleported back, one is provided with an Ubercharge, Crit Boost and faster speed for a few seconds. MONOCULUS is the boss, just like the Horseless Headless Headtaker on Mann Manor. This one is a gigantic flying, angry and rocketshooting eye, that gets even more angry the more health it looses. If it is defeated, it will leave a purple portal, that brings every player hopping into it to an skull island. There, you can unlock an achievment (only once) and get a Misc Item. Above all, gifts are dropped on Eyeaduct. If you collect one, you will get a Haunted Halloween Item. Plus, if you find a gift in the Underworld, the item will  be unusual.

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