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TF2 new Hats in the overview
Written by Unknown on 14.08.2009 Time 09:57

There are 18 new hats and we extracted them from the GCF file and took some pictures of them for you. We will update our class pages in the next few days, too.

Scout Soldier Pyro
Scout Batter's Helmet TF2 Soldier's Stash TF2 Pyro Beanie

TF2 Scout Newsboy Hat

TF2 Soldier Stainless Pot TF2 Pyro Chicken Hat

TF2 Scout Bonk Helm

TF2 Soldier Viking Helm

TF2 Pyro Firemant Helmet

TF2 Baseball Bill's Sports Shine

Demoman Heavy Guy Engineer
TF2 Demoman's Fro TF2 Football Helmet TF2 Mining Light
TF2 Glengarry Bonnet TF2 Tough Guy's Tuque TF2 Texas Ten Gallon
TF2 Scottsman's Stove Pipe TF2 Officer's Ushanka TF2 Engineer's Cap
    TF2 Texas Slim's Dome Shine
Medic Sniper Spy
TF2 Prussian Pickelhaube TF2 Trophy Belt TF2 Fancy Fedora
TF2 Otolaryngologist's Mirror TF2 Master's Yellow Belt TF2 Backbiter's Billycock
TF2 Vintage Tyrolean TF2 Professional's Panama TF2 Camera Beard

TF2 Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative



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