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Undocumented TF2 Changes and Glitches
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.08.2009 Time 00:20

Valve apparently did some changes to Team Fortress 2, which are not in the official changelog. Thanks to users from the Steam Forums many changes have been found and verified in tests.

A list of what has been found:
  • The Sandman can right click to throw balls and left click for melee
  • Critz in all forms make your gun turn Red metal or blue ice and you get the electricity
  • Demo-man sticky jumps go further and do more damage Video on Youtube
  • New misc/ slot in the loadout menu (fakiyo)(Rumor: For medals in the future - RabidZombie)
  • Dead Ringers cloak drastically reduced to 3 seconds from its usual 8 (-Mark-) Tried for myself, i think they tried to match the time with the cooldown animation. (Before it would drain then pause halfway then start up again) And now i that the animation is fluid throughout the whole draining process, the cloak is only 3 seconds long
  • Cloak and Daggers regen rate is increased. Regens much faster now. (Fox McCloud) CnD is now my watch of choice
  • Flamethrower ignite distance decreased (challenged) I've had this happen to me twice so i believe this is so, yet many of you are saying nay. I guess its in either of ours imagination.(It still does damage, but you have to be closer before it ignites you) (ClayBay1)


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