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XMAS Special for Team Fortress 2?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 08.12.2009 Time 14:29

With the last update more gossip returned to the TF2 scene. New sound files have been added valve-style to the steam folder of Team Fortress 2. They have not been activated yet. But Valve knows how to heat up discussions about their games, and especially the TF2 community loves to rack endlessly about new rumors that arise.

The folder /servers/orangebox/tf/sound/vo/ of your dedicated server installation now contains the following files:

  • announcer_dec_failure01.wav
  • announcer_dec_failure02.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins10s01.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins30s01.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins30s02.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins30s03.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins30s04.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins30s05.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins30s06.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins60s01.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins60s02.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins60s03.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins60s04.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins60s05.wav
  • announcer_dec_missionbegins60s06.wav
  • announcer_dec_success01.wav
  • announcer_dec_success02.wav

These files can also be found in the team fortress 2 content.gcf (open with GCFScape) in your steamapps folder. Inside the file, navigate to /tf/sound/vo/ to find the files

According to several websites and the immediately created video showcasing the soundfiles, the RED and BLU team are making friends for this years Christmas. The prefix "dec", which is included in the new file names suggests an upcoming Christmas special.

This idea is nothing new at all. Every old school  Team Fortress Classic veteran knows, that Christmas is the time where no grenades, but presents fly across the screen.

The date where RED and BLU will happily dance hand in hand around the Christmas tree is still unknown of course. But, we can promise you, that we will keep our eyes open and supply you with new details on the special as they appear.

For users without sound, we have collected a typed version of the new announcer soundfiles:

  • Friendship ends in ten seconds
  • Friendship ends in thirty seconds
  • Betrayal will not be tolerated
  • You cannot hide anything from us, mercenaries. And now, you will pay the price.
  • All you ever do is disappoint and betray me, cheating, stealing, friend making!
  • It's not too late to repent, kill your friend now and end this. Listen to your concience!
  • It's me or him, and I pay your salary. Make your choice!
  • Alert, a friendship has been detected, and will be eliminated.
  • You cannot hide anything from us, mercenaries. And now, you will pay the price. (Again)
  • Warning! A friendship has been detected!
  • How could you betray me?
  • Friendships are in direct contravention of mercenary conduct as delineated in your contracts, and on a personal note, I am very, very disappointed with you.
  • I won't single any one of you out. I will just say that some of you have betrayed the trust of your employers and because of that you must die. The rest of you are.. satisfactory.
  • Success! Despite your friendships.
  • Success! No thanks to the best friends among you.


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