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Tropico 4 Promotion and Bugfixes
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 30.08.2011 Time 23:16

El JefeThere is no promotion,  where Team Fortress 2 doesn't interfere. This applies also for Tropico 4. The Steam Special Edition brings a new hat. It will be available only for the scout, but in team specific colours.

Moreover, Valve fixed several bugs in item found notifications and a support for 3 more languages.


Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)
  • Fixed snd_restart breaking voice recording
  • Fixed a rare crash creating a listen server
Team Fortress 2
  • Item found notifications now correctly show up in chat
  • Added Tropico 4 promotional content
  • Added BleedPlayer input on player for mappers
  • Updated localization files
  • GetSchema WebAPI changes
    • Added "kill_eater_score_types"
    • Added "account_info" for attrbutes where the value is a Steam account ID
    • Added support for Romanian, Turkish, and Hungarian (ro, tr, and hu respectively)



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