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Update: Nine-Pipe Problem & HUD_Fastswitch...
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.03.2012 Time 12:03

"Horrido!" or "Excellent!" is what the medic probably said once he heard about his new item - Nine-Pipe Problem. This is yet another misc item which consists of a pair of shaded glasses replacing the standard clear glasses and a pipe including a smoke effect.

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    • Nine-Pipe Problem

      • Effect: Genteel Pipe Smoke

      The Nine-Pipe Problem is a community-created miscellaneous item for the Medic. It is an old-fashioned smoking pipe, that sways, complete with a "Genteel Pipe Smoke" particle effect, and dark glasses that replaces the Medic's usual clear glasses.

      The Nine-Pipe Problem was contributed to the game via the Steam Workshop, under the name "The Baskerville Case".

A very old console command, hud_fastswitch, which has been around forever in almost all VALVE titles, but remained unknown to the common player, has been added to the "Advanced Options" menu. This command will make you switch weapons faster. If hud_fastswitch is set to 0, all weapon switches ingame have to be confirmed by the primary attack button. This takes valuable time, so we recommend to set it to 1 using hud_fastswitch 1 in the console or changing the new setting in the options menu. 

Next to some minor corrections for bugs causing client crashes, Valve updatet the  Spirit of Giving and added the possibility to brand the item with your name.

Team Fortress 2

  • Added The Nine-Pipe Problem
  • Added hud_fastswitch to the Advanced Options dialog
  • Fixed a commentary string that referenced the Soldier instead of the Heavy
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when a server used SetCustomModel to change the player model
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while trying to get The Argyle Sap achievement
  • General improvements to client stability
  • Updated the Spirit of Giving so it can have a custom name applied to it
  • Updated the map arena_well
    • Updated the skybox
    • Made some miscellaneous material improvements

Undocumented changes

  • Added the Eliminating The Impossible set.
  • Added the Private Eye to the Eliminating The Impossible set.


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