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Robo-Sandvich and Company of Heroes 2 Promo-Items
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 22.09.2012 Time 11:49

Valve released yet another update for Team Fortress 2 yesterday night. It contains some map adjustments, bug fixes and of course, new items.

At the 2012 Comic Con in San Diego, visitors have had the chance to purchase  a 1:1 reallife copy of the Sandvich as well as an Companion Cube. Plus, every buyer got a Redeem-Code that needs to be activated in Steam. It borught either the "What's in the Sandvich Box?" or the "What's in the Companion Square Box?" present.(see News vom 11.07.2012), that are ready for opening from today on. The Sandvich-Box contains the Robo-Sandvich in genuine quality, the Companion Square Box includes the Triple A Badge and the Friends Forever Companion Square Badge in genuine quality. All three items are tradable, so they are available for those who were not at the Comic Con, too.

Furthermore, the update implemented promo items for  Company of Heroes 2 that ought to be released next year. You will get these items in genuine quality if you preorder the game before 2013. and the reward bar counts at least 25%.

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    • Robo-Sandvich

      Robots don't just run off oil. They also run off metal things constructed to resemble human food. Why? Why don't you tell me, if you're so smart? If anything, eating a metal sandwich makes MORE sense. Why don't you and oil have a baby that you have shared custody of after you and oil have a messy divorce if you love oil so much?

    • Heavy Artillery Officer's Cap

      You never fought in the Big One like your great grandfather. But there's one thing you've got that he'll never have: GUTS. No wait. That's what he had. You get this hat.

    • Combat Medic's Crusher Cap

      You never fought in the Big One like your great grandfather. But there's one thing you've got that he'll never have: GUTS. No wait. That's what he had. You get this hat.

    • Heroic Companion Badge

      This badge certifies that you are in the company of heroes. Not that you ARE a hero, of course. Just that you know some, and occasionally they let you hang out with them.

    • Triple A Badge

      The letter "a" is a great letter. We like it so much, we stuck it on a badge. And we thought this gas mask guy looked neat, so we put him on there too. We're going with our guts; it's working out pretty well. Our guts feel like the next item we ship will be...a hat of some kind. Yeah. We're feeling really good about this.

    • Friends Forever Companion Square Badge

      You are a grizzled friendship veteran. Your blood and sweat has been poured into countless blanket fort constructions. You've fought in hundreds of harrowing pillow wars. Let this Friends Forever badge be a reminder to all that you know what it means to be a bro.

By the way, today was the last day for the Fall Crates and the Fall Keys are transformed to ordinary Mann Co. keys

This time Valve fixed more bugs concerning the Mann vs. Machine Gamemode. That fixes include a crash caused by the AI of the Demoman-Robot, the Medigun Upgrade for slower Overheal-Cooldown should work as intended and the Matchmaking will no longer put you on a server with the last wave just finished,

The Map koth_King experienced some adjustments. The reflections on floors and windows have been improved, the guideposts's colours have been corrected and a couple of small Props(e.g. buckets or cans) aren't solid anymore, that means that they won't block your path,

Further bugfixes and  map adjustments can be found in the complete changelog:

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)

  • Fix client crash bug caused by overflow of the audio cache
  • Fix bug allowing server browser network activity to continue after choosing a server

Team Fortress 2

  • Added new promo items
  • Unlocked the "What's in the Sandvich Box?"
  • Unlocked the "What's in the Companion Square Box?"
  • Fixed a server crash related to Demoman bot AI
  • Updated the Tin Pot to use the correct skin for each style
  • Fixed seeing the fire texture on Gold Botkiller items in DirectX 8
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated Mann vs. Machine
    • Matchmaking search criteria supports selecting multiple missions
    • Mann Up servers will retry notification of mission victory to game coordinator, to ensure loot is eventually granted in the case of service disruption
    • Matchmaking will prevent late joining into the a server near the end of the last wave
    • Added a new currency UI element to indicate money that is active in the world
    • Added the tour number to the information on the scoreboard
    • Fixed the Medigun overheal duration attribute causing the overheal effect to decay faster, rather than slower
    • Added the ability to buy projectile penetration for the Crusader's Crossbow
    • Fixed a false positive for the achievement "Clockwork Carnage"
    • Added a new command "bot_hurt"
      • Parameters -name [bot name], -team [red/blue/all], -damage [amount]
    • Fixed the Demoman shields not saving their upgrades upon round reset
  • Updated koth_king
    • Reflections fixed for the floors and some glass windows
    • Modified model file for the sign 6 through 9 to avoid Red signs on Blu side of the map
    • Modified light pole to merge bulb and pole into a single model for perf
    • Fixed location where mini-sentries can shoot through a bush without being seen
    • Clipping pass
    • Added glass on footbridge roof and lights nearby
    • Prop reduction for perf
    • Some props changed to non-solid for player mobility
    • Adjusted health and ammo in various spots
  • Community requests:
    • Add a new server ConVar "tf_avoidteammates_pushaway" to control whether or not teammates push each other away when occupying the same space
    • Add a new server ConVar "tf_arena_override_team_size" to allow server owners to set the maximum team size in arena mode

Undocumented changes

  • Changed Fall Keys into regular keys.
  • Fall Crates expired.
  • Updated the descriptions of the Hat of Cards, Bolted Bushman, and Pyrotechnic Tote to fix elipsis and apostrophes.
  • Fixed Chargin' Targe and Splendid Screen fire damage resistance not working.
  • Fixed bug causing gameservers to report themselves as full to the matchmaking system


Have fun!


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