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Team Fortress 2 Retrospective: Part 1(1996 - 2007)
Written by Unknown on 10.10.2012 Time 20:55

Exactly five years ago, Team Fortress 2 was released. Which means that the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary today! A lot has happened during that time, almost too much to remember even if you were playing since the very beginning.

To remind everyone of the exceptional history of the game, but also to create a worthy documentation for future generations, TFPortal is proud to present to you the Team Fortress 2 Retrospective.

Each year of the game will be covered in full detail in one video each. Today's video covers the release year of the game (2007) as well as a few infos on the first Team Fortress game (1996). A new video, each covering the years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, will be released each every second week.

But enough talk for now, enjoy the video. Happy Birthday Team Fortress 2!

Credit goes to 22storm22 who provided his voice for this video. Everything else, including the editing and script, was done by yours truly.


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