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Racoons, WizardCon and an angry Wizard
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 25.10.2012 Time 12:52

It is time to prepare for the Halloween Update, which is definitely coming soon. By that, we mean the recently discovered link, a Spy-Skull, on TF2.com. It leads to page 87 of the "Teufort Reader". It concerns the so called WizardCon (with guests talking about their work, e.g. Merasmus) and reveals that the Bomiconom is on search for a new home.Spy Totenschädel

Meramus is going to play a major role in the upcoming update, since a new comic with the name Doom-Mates has been released today. In that, Merasmus comes back from WizardCon and finds his fridge in the garden - put there by the Soldier.

As a consequence, all racoons in the city make their new home in Merasmus' fort. After that, Merasmus ins terribly angry and declares war to the Soldier and the rest of Team RED.

Finally, a bit about the Powerups. The Scout's tarot card reads "Super Sapped" in strange letters, that can be translated with this  page.

Who has to pay for thi? Us of course!

Thank you Soldier!


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