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Happy Birthday! - 10 years of TFPortal
Written by Unknown on 01.02.2009 Time 14:27

On February 1st 1999 a new website was born - www.tfortress2.de. It all started with a 16-year old guy from Münster. He wanted to create a website for the upcoming blockbuster title Team Fortress 2. Little that he know, the game wouldn't be released until 8 years later. Some community members said "Give up the website, TF2 will never come out!" but he didn't give up, and his stubbornness was awarded with a real release of Team Fortress 2.

After the end of the Gamez.de network, TFortress2.de changed to TeamFortress2.de
We were lucky to acquire the new domain for free from Gamez.de.

One year before the release of Team Fortress 2 (2006), we registered the domain TFPortal.de, inspired by the website HLPortal.de. And yes you heard that right, we were inspired by it :)

Ten years later, on February 1st 2009, we celebrate our 10th anniversary. That's a very long time compared to the 15 months since Team Fortress 2 was released.

We'd like to thank everyone who supported us for ten years, we'll keep reporting about our favorite game in the future.


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