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Update - Gameplay, bugfixes and more
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 03.02.2009 Time 08:04

Just came online and the webmaster a long list with changes on the loved game - YEAH! So it's news time! Before we start we want to thank for all the congratulations! We are looking forward for the next 10 years. Remain that true to us.

But lets start with the chengelog. Valve has added some gameplay changes, client changes, bugifxes and some server features added to Team Fortress 2.


The client - with other words we - are now able to change some options within the settings. Due to declaring the CVAR cl_bobcycle as cheat there is now an legal replacement for it. Within the options you can now adjust your weapon model by choosing "Advanced..." within the "Multiplayer" tab. Also you can now change your crosshair which was long overdue. An overview to all changes:

    New client features
  • Added Viewmodel FOV slider to advanced multiplayer options
  • Added a hide viewmodel option to advanced multiplayer options
  • Added custom crosshair support
  • Added crosshair image, scale, and color settings to the Options->Multiplayer settings tab
  • Moved HUD minimal mode & Disable Spray options into the Advanced Multiplayer settings
  • Added "open_charinfo_direct" command that opens the loadout directly to the class you're currently playing
  • Replaced the "Open Loadout" entry in the options->keys dialog with this new command. Rebind / reset your config to defaults to use it

  • New server features
  • Added "tf_damage_disablespread" convar to disable the 25% damage spread on all damage
  • Added class limit support to tournament mode
  • Set the "tf_tournament_classlimit_X" convars to the max number of class X allowed
  • Added "tf_tournament_hide_domination_icons" convar, that allows a tournament mode server to force clients not to display domination icons over their nemeses

  • Gameplay changes
  • Modified critical hit calculation. Overall, critical hit chance is now much more recent-performance based:
  • Base chance is now 2% (was 5%).
  • Bonus range based on damage done changed from 0%-15% to 0%-10
  • Damage range required for bonus changed from 0-1600 to 0-800
  • Reduced random damage spread applied to all player damage from +-25% to +-10%
  • Slight reduction (improvement) of the minigun's spread
  • Increased flare direct hit damage from 20 to 30
  • Rewrote Natascha's slowdown code to be more consistent
  • Sniper rifle now supports Crit Boost state like all other weapons (i.e. Kritzkrieg makes all shots critical hits)
  • Stealthed spies are no longer able to pickup the intelligence. They must uncloak first
  • Increased soldier primary ammo count from 16 to 20

  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed crash when running in tools mode
  • Added UTIL_IsCommandIssuedByServerAdmin() checks to several "physics_" CON_COMMAND scripts to prevent clients issuing the commands
  • Fixed bug in teleporter logic that allowed engineers to build teleporters with HUGE health values
  • Fixed matching teleporter not getting a health buff when the pair is upgraded (only the tele you were hitting got the health buff)
  • Fixed Medic UberCharge percentage in minimal-HUD mode

Within the changes in gameplay there are a lot of things changed. Robin Walker & co were working on the calculation of "critical hits" and changed them to depend the impact of them more on the players performance. If the player got a good performance the chance to get "critical hits" is improved. The flare gun is now causing 10 more damage on direct hits (overall 30) and spys can't touch intelligence while they are cloaked. The sniper is now able to profit from the crit-boost. This can be done by the Kritzkrieg for example so that every hit is critical.

If everything is correct the next update will be the Scout Update. This should be released around the upcoming weekend (Estimated by TFPortal.de)


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