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Possible Scout-Unlocks: Ideas from the steam-forum
Written by Unknown on 04.02.2009 Time 18:48

According to Valve the scout pack is just around the corner, but we all know what Valve time means. That's why we took the time to research which weapons could be shipped with the upcoming update.

At the 10th of december Valve announced that the scout will get the next unlockable weapons. Also they asked the community to post their ideas in the offical Team Fortress 2 forum. A lot of users did so. Here is a summary of the most viewed ideas:

Primary weapon:

The Red Bull
[quote]It is basically a scattergun replacement, it is a double-barreled scattergun.

* It can only hold 2 bullets at once.
* Reload time should be about the same than the flare gun, for each shell.
* It does the same damage than the normal scattergun.

So, what does it do that makes it so special ?

Well it has the ability to fire both shells at once, dealing 150% damage (so 50% bonus damage in one shot that the 2 split shots would have done). Note that the damage percentage could be changed after playtesting and other issues.
(Optionnal) It would also push the scout back given he is in midair while he shoot, giving him a somewhat weak 3rd jump (you would have to be from behind for it to work)"[/quote]
Link to the thread

The Fragmentizer
[quote]The Fragmentizer looks and shoots similar to the scattergun, but instead of rounds, it has a small opening in the top (like a food processor), that is filled with small shards of shattered glass, screws, splinters, bent nails and other kinds of nasty stuff.
These fragments sticks into enemy players that get shot by it.
The benefit is simple. Enemy players that take damage from the Fragmentizer will have all this nasty stuff on them (glass, screws, nails...) for 5 seconds. The effect should be visible by small glowing shards on the victim player.
Melee attacks on players that have glass, screws, nails... on them, will do 100% crit.[/quote]
Link to the thread

Secondary weapon:

The Water Balloon
[quote]The Water Balloon is a throwable tool that replaces the Scouts Pistol, and thereby throws away his only ranged backup weapon and only long range weapon altogether. The Scout can only carry 3 Water Balloon at a time. So what does this evil weapon do?

When thrown, if it hits an enemy, the enemy will be covered in paint which does no damage or fools nobody...except the enemies own teammate sentry guns, which will quickly respond to the colored player and treat him as a hostile.
In all simplicity, it is simply a tool you throw at an enemy player to fool enemy sentry guns to target that player, and I imagine it to be just as fun and hilarious to use, as it is useful. Especially against an enemy team that goes all sentry crazy and builds sentries all over the place.[/quote]
Link to the thread

The Stop Watch
[quote]When the Scout presses the Stop Watch, time stops (like pausing a recorded demo if you ever tried that. Looks cool!), and the Scout is able to run at 125% of his normal speed for 3 seconds, and thereby running past enemies and sentry guns unhindered.
To other players however, time obviouisly does not stop, but instead the Scout is simply standing still for 2 seconds, doing his "pistol taunt" (ready to run animation) with the Stop Watch in his hand, during which the Scout is very vulnerable, and then he runs at very high speed, only leaving a red/blue speed trail behind him, catching up to wherever he is standing on the Scouts screen, kind of synchronizing the game again. While the Scout is unable to recieve damage while he is running, he is however vulnerable while taunting for the 2 seconds before he runs, and 1 second after he runs. It is like a charge ability.[/quote]
Link to the thread


The Batserker
[quote]A red/blue painted bat with yellow lightning stickers on it.
If you kill someone with the Barserker, the next 5 seconds of hits with the barserker will hit everyone around around the Scout, not just in front of him. The effect is displayed as if the Scout was hitting multiple times in different directions, every time you hit. Like if he was going berserk.
When you kill a player with the Batserk, the effect will be displayed with the lightning animation similar to the K.B.G.
The Batserker can not crit.[/quote]
Link to the thread

What do you think of those suggestions? Do you think Valve came up with their own ideas or used one of those? Post your opinions in the comments...


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