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The Reality VIII coming soon
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.02.2009 Time 12:54

Only about one month is left untill The Reality VIII in Drachten, Netherland. They are providing some TUP-Tickets (Turn up and play - no PC needed) which is a good basis for having a lot of international teams attending. The best thing is that there will be a TF2 tournament which got a cash price of 600 euro and already 5 top teams attending!

Statement from Amonsilas:
[quote]The Reality VIII will take place from 20-03-2009 til 22-03-2009 and has 700 seats. We will host a Team Fortress 2 tournament with a cash prizepot of 600 euro as well as hardware prizes. Next to TF2 their will be CoD, CS and several 1v1 tournaments with money and hardware prizes. The LAN is mainly focussed on Bring Your Own Computer, but for TF2 we are arranging Turn Up & Play seats.

The ruleset of the TF2 tournament will ofcourse be up to date according to ETF2L standards (classlimits, rules and mappool). It will start with a group stage covering the biggest part of the Saturday and ends with an elimination bracket with the poule's top teams. The (semi) finals will be played on the Sunday.

We are making a TUP Arena for Team Fortress 2, with an amount of shared game pcís reserved for players and teams participating in the TF2 tournament. We are selling two TUP tickets per PC to break down the costs and optimize playing time per player/team. This means you will have a PC for approximately 50% of the time at the LAN.

There will be spare pcís and when there are no official matches teams can use the pcís to play practice clan wars. Next to playing TF2 you are able to spectate other matches, attend activities, hang around in the relax area, or just have a good time with your friends and enemies! We have several public consoles and games free to use in our relax area to make sure nobody gets bored. On the event hall there will be a restaurant, sleeping hall and (snack)bar all within 100 meters of eachother.

At this moment we have former Team Druidz, Team Coolermaster, Ubersexuals, Fakkelbrigade and Gathering of Tweakers confirmed to attend the LAN, while Crack Clan is getting their participation sorted out with their management. We have made a good start on our way to 10 participating TF2 teams for the LAN, but as you can see we are not quite there yet. The Reality is relatively easy to attend for international teams aswell, because of the TUP facility. The Team Fortress 2 LANs in the past have not had any TUP pc's available, making The Reality the first accessibly LAN for many teams.

If you are looking for more information visit www.thereality.nl (an English version is available by click the "English" button on the left top corner). Signing up for the website (not yet for the LAN) can be done here. For assistance or support you can always contact Amonsilas on IRC's Quakenet.[/quote]


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