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101 Uses for a Dispenser #9 - Source Vids Tutorial
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 16.02.2009 Time 09:03

For a long time it has been quite around the TF2-Videoseries "101 Uses for a Dispenser" from pharadox05. But now he has released the 9th Part of this Series. Our Readers know what this Series is about and the Newcomers will just have to watch it. So just Play it.

TF2 - 101 Uses for a Dispenser [#9]

Futhermore we found a detailed Tutorial, which should help you to create good Source Videos and Frag Videos.

Team Fortress 2 Useful Console Commands for Source Demos


tf2fun - selfmade_all.jpg - thumbnail tf2fun - selfmade_medic.jpg - thumbnail tf2fun - selfmade_pyro.jpg - thumbnail
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