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TF2 in der UKeSA
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.02.2009 Time 17:48

The sign ups for the UKeSA Open Division and the UKeSA Championship are over now and the groups are assigned (the links on the bottom).

Whats interesting about it?
The UKeSA is having a rather influential organisation and got a good reputation in the United Kingdom. Due to the fees of about 8 euro per player there are cashprices like never before within TF2.

Prices for the UKeSA Championship:

1. Place: 1000 Pound
2. Place: 400 Pound
3. Place: 200 Pound

But that isn't all. There is a 3rd division within the UKeSA. The Dell XPS Premiership which only exists for four games which are having the most teams signing up for the Championship. And TF2 is on of these games! In this top division the best 7 teams are going to compete:

Crack! Clan
Nervous Gamers
Team CoolerMaster
Team Dignitas
The Imperial
Trademark Gamers
Weapons of the Rebelion

These teams are getting 700 pound only for finishing the season. Additional there are huge cashprices:

Cashprices within the Dell XPS Premiership:

1. Place: 3100 Pound
2. Place: 1300 Pound
3. Place: 700 Pound

( Dignitas/Mick now finally can buy some food ;D)

There will be a lot of live coverage for the top matches within the Championship and Premiership and the finals of the Premiership will be played on LAN. The chances are good to get new players now from other games and getting more MGOs active within the TF2 szene. This is a great push for the competetive TF2 szene guys!
Wir wünschen hiermit allen Teams viel Glück und Erfolg für die Liga.


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