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Scout-Update #3 - Energy Drink & Achievements
Written by Unknown on 19.02.2009 Time 23:44

Valve revealed part 3 of the Scout update today. This time we have the second unlockable weapon as well as a full list of all achievements for the Scout.

TF2 Scout Update - Unlocks

As we reported earlier, the Scout's first unlockable weapon will be an alternative to his baseball bat. This time we have a refreshment for the Scout: An Energy Drink

TF2 Scout Energy Drink

Much like the Heavy's Sandvich, it gives the Scout a temporary bonus effect. In case of the Heavy, it was HP regeneration, in case of the Scout, he becomes incredibly fast, allowing him to dodge any bullet. In other words: He temporarily becomes The One). The whole invulnerability thing comes with a rather troublesome side-effect: After the speed boost is gone, the player becomes paralyzed, much like enemies become paralyzed by the Sandman.

Last but not least, here is the list of all 35 Achievements. As you can see, the descriptions are missing, but we'll add them as soon as they're available.

TF2 Scout Achievements


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