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TF2 Coop

TF2 Coop

Mann vs. Machine


On August 13th 2012, Valve announced an update, that should introduce completely new content for the good ol' Team Fortress 2. Then, on August 15th 2012, the so called Mann vs. Machine Update has been released. Since that day, the game has been featuring a Co-op mode, in which you fight together with five more friends against hordes of robots.

How this game mode works is explained here: Gamemode Mann vs. Machine .

For general questions about Mann vs. Machine, this FAQ ought to be helpful: FAQ Mann vs. Machine.

An overview with guide to get all Mann vs. Machine achievements can be found here: Machievements.

This article shall give you an outline about the content of Co-op. Therefore, simply click on the respective tab or link to be forwarded to the topic.





Official video tutorial for MvM:



Official trailer for MvM:


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