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Fortress Forever

After the release of Half-Life 2 with the new Source Eingine and Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat finding their way to this new Engine, many TFC-Fans waited desperately for TFC-Source. Valve hadn’t planned a Source Version of the TF-Hit.

The concepts for Fortress Forever have been developed near the end of 2003, when some old TFC-veterans planned to convert the old TFC into the Source Engine. The project became more concrete with the release of the Source SDK and the launch of the official page in 2005. From this time on they released new artworks and screenshots over the weeks.

Fortress Forever is a free Mod for Half-Life 2 on basis of the Source Engine and is strongly orientated on Team Fortress Classic. They kept the good TFC elements, added some, which Valve deleted and made some upgrades. For example the good old Bunnyjump comes back after being killed by Valve. Know weaknesses, like the Pyro class from TFC have been improved definitely.

On 13. September 2007 the Client has been released to download. Originally the FF-Team wanted to release the Mod on 17. September 2007, but as Valve announced to release a Team Fortress 2 beta on just this date, they choose the earlier date.


Fortress Forever actually is Team Fortress Class just with better graphics due to the better engine. Although the developers didn’t want to copy the whole TFC itself, they admitted to retain the old „feeling“ of TFC.

The game modes of Fortress Forever are similar to those of TFC. They have the ordinary Capture the Flag, some Attack/Defend and some Domination map. Next to this they have the special modes like Assasination and the map “push”, where you have to move a football into the enemies goal resp. their base.


The version 1.0 has a big range of different maps. They added next to the standard maps like Well and Cz2 some popular TFC maps.

  • Cz2
  • Well
  • 2Morforever
  • Aardvark
  • Shutdown2
  • Cornfield
  • Dustbowl
  • Hunted
  • Push
  • Monkey
  • Crossover
  • DM
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