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When ragequitters are forced to play together

TF2 has been around for a pretty long time, however it still gets a lot of attention and new players. But what's going to happen when all class updates are released, some maps and new gamemodes have been pushed out and Valve is slowly starting to work on other franchises? The day will dawn when many old-established players play together on a public server, because clan wars are rare now. Suddenly, there is no newbie left, who owns the game for only a few days/weeks and is happy, when actually two enemies at a time are killed by his misplaced sentry gun.


Then, dear friends, the time has come, when ragequitters are forced to play together. For years you were used to be among the best 3 players in the scoreboard, or in the Top 3 of the round, or (if the other things were not the case) at least dominate a considerable sum of opponents. If the own team was so awesomely bad (We'll just put it this way) or if there were too many n00bs in your own team, so that each one of the previously mentioned goals was impossible, there was the easy way out -- "ragequit". You would just have played on a different server. But when that day has come, there may only be a few populated servers left. And because there are only the long-established ones left, there will inevitably be more and more players that do not reach their "ownage" goals anymore. There will be more and more players, which are awfully upset [hopefully you sense the understatement] and hang up their TF2 career. But when that happens, it's getting worse for the remaining players… one of them slips down to the abysmal last place of the scoreboard.

So, will TF2 be going down, or will the good-sport-people persist, who can stand losing sometimes?

Thanks for reading -- [NSA]Manji

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