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Interview with Mosepose about n2o-TV

Name: Christian G.

Nick: de Mosepose

Team: de n2o

TFPortal.de: Hello Christian,
although n2o-TV is well known to most players, there may be the one or the other TF2 Gamer who thinks that n2o-TV is an nitric oxide. Would you be so kind and introduce yourself and your team and explain to our readers what n2o-TV is.

Hey Kalle, of course. You already know my given name so I move on to the next exciting facts. I am 21 years old and currently working as a letter carrier for the German Mail Company unless I´ll either begin my alternative civilian service or start an apprenticeship as an IT-Tradesman. By my side I have de DSRT, a real life buddy of myself who always has a helping hand and is giving good advices for which I am very thankful, as well as our talented Casters de Deathknigth and de Falko. Furthermore we have, well, let's call him the 'Merc Caster', de pbl.

n2o-TV is a livestream TV station which broadcasts eSports matches, currently focusing on TF2,. This is because we do not have the rights to cast matches such as for Warcraft 3 and in addition we have a lack of good casters. We are using the free streamingplatform 'Livestream', formerly known as 'Mogulus'. This enables us to work like the 'pros', because we are not limited to only broadcast what is happening on our PC-Screen, but also to use a studio with fantastic possibilities. Furthermore, n2o-TV is a  non-profit TV-station. In fact, our main motivation is THE community although it is not directly involved - the community is the reason for all the work we are putting into the project which is also a lot of fun, though.

TFPortal.de: When und how did you came up with the idea of n2o-TV in order to cast TF2 Matches?

Mosepose: The idea grew shortly after Mogulus became a bit more popular. I was able to test and to experience how well it worked and was thinking a lot about of what I could do with it. In these days, ESLTV and Gamesports went more or less inactive, and regarding the amateur sector, I intended to close the gap with this new platform. n2o-TV was born. As there were no casters for TF2, de DSRT and myself decided to do the casting by ourselves.

TFPortal.de: What sort of matches are you casting and how many spectators are watching them via n2o-TV?.

Mosepose: The match must fulfill several criteria in order to be worth casting. The match must be very interesting to be able to draw a lot of spectators. These are in the main instance matches with german teams, but also top matches from the ETF2L or EMS. Furthermore you have to take into account, that there are not always enough casters available to cast the match. You also have to take into account, that even if there are enough casters available, the so called 'Streamer' are much more important. The Streamer requires a high-end PC and a very fast internet connection of 16+ Mbit. Unfortunately they are very rare ;).

I'd say we have an average of 40 spectators with an increasing tendency. We have made cast for just 20 people as well as for far above 150.

TFPortal.de: Many TF2 players simply like to watch SourceTV. What would you tell these players to make them watch n2o-TV, instead of SourceTV?

Mosepose: I'd like to recommend n2o-TV to the not so experienced or skilled TF2-Players, simply because they can learn a lot. We are analysing the matches, team tactics and of course point out the errors or mistakes made during the match. Especially de pbl is very keen on that - and in addition we try to provide a good show for the spectators, to entertain them and to catch the best scenes occuring during the match. Of course you are free to watch SourceTV alone or together with friends but I promise you the most fun is with us.

TFPortal.de: A gaming community requires infrastructure such as leagues or websites to communicate. According to your opinion, what significance do your casts have in the community compared to the examples mentioned above.

Mosepose: Within such a small e-Sport community, where people know each other very well, communication is very important. Of course this works well by websites, but a cast makes it feel 'more real' and you are always up to date. It's hard to say something about the significance within the community but I hope that we  reach more and more people by the time.

TFPortal.de: Would you say that the americans from Pwnage or the Quadv guys from Great Britain are a  direct competitor?

Mosepose: No, not a direct competitor - we are broadcasting for the german community and have thus a different audience. Maybe the one or the other prefers an english cast but I´d say this is the minority.

TFPortal.de: Where could n2o-TV improve and what are your plans for the future?

Mosepose: Phew, there is quite a lot to improve. On the one hand we need a better website, preferably one with a scheduler and other features and on the other hand we need to improve the quality of the cast - not solely the cast itself but also by trailers, presentations etc.

One always tries to improve and to grow but we have to stay realistic because it is all non-profit. But for the future we like to realise the above mentioned feature but I´d like to keep some upcoming things for myself so far ;)

TFPortal.de: What do you expect from the community regarding n2o-TV - apart of course from tons of spectators?

Mosepose: The same as Giga-TV always asked for: interactivity. Do not  stay an anonymous spectator but DO something. Write comments or ask questions in the chat. I could say less flaming, but by the time you do not care too much about flaming anymore, because there are many other people that appreciate your work.

TFPortal.de: I could read in the forums that you are looking for reinforcement - are you still interested in new staff member?

Oh yes! We can only improve n2o-TV with aid of new staff member, but we are not only looking for casters. Anyone who thinks that this is a great project should simply contact myself. No matter if you are a sponsor, manager or graphic artist - we are open to everyone and everything.

TFPortal.de: Christian, thank you very much for the interview and all the best for n2o-TV.

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