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Soldier Achievements


The Longest DazeTF2 Soldier Achievement - The Longest Daze

Kill 5 stunned players.

Tri-Splatteral DamageTF2 Soldier Achievement - Tri-Splatteral Damage

Kill 3 enemies with a single critical rocket.

Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a!TF2 Soldier Achievement - Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a!

Provide the enemy with a freezecam of you taunting over 3 of their body parts.

Death from AboveTF2 Soldier Achievement - Death from Above

Rocket jump and kill 2 enemies before you land.


War Crime SpybunalTF2 Soldier Achievement - War Crime Spybunal

Kill a Spy who just backstabbed a teammate.

DominatorTF2 Soldier Achievement - Dominator

Get 3 dominations in a single life.

Hamburger HillTF2 Soldier Achievement - Hamburger Hill

Defend a cap point 30 times.

War Crime and PunishmentTF2 Soldier Achievement - War Crime and Punishment

In a single life, kill 3 enemies who have damaged a Medic that is healing you.

Duty BoundTF2 Soldier Achievement - Duty Bound

While rocket jumping kill an enemy with the Equalizer before you land or just after landing.

Spray of DefeatTF2 Soldier Achievement - Spray of Defeat

Use a grenade to gib a player.

The Boostie BoysTF2 Soldier Achievement - The Boostie Boys

Buff 15 teammates with the Buff Banner in a single life.

Guns of the Navar0wnedTF2 Soldier Achievement - Guns of the Navar0wned

Kill 5 Engineer sentries while you are standing outside of their range.

Out, Damned Scot!TF2 Soldier Achievement - Out, Damned Scot!

Kill 500 enemy Demomen

Mutually Assured DestructionTF2 Soldier Achievement - Mutually Assured Destruction

Kill an enemy sniper with a rocket after he kills you.

Frags of our FathersTF2 Soldier Achievement - Frags of our Fathers

Gib 1000 people.

Wings of GloryTF2 Soldier Achievement - Wings of Glory

Kill an enemy soldier while both you and the target are airborne.

Backdraft DodgerTF2 Soldier Achievement - Backdraft Dodger

Kill a Pyro who has airblasted one of your rockets in the last 10 seconds.

Engineer to EternityTF2 Soldier Achievement - Engineer to Eternity

Kill an Engineer as he repairs his sentry gun while it's under enemy fire.

Ain't Got Time to BleedTF2 Soldier Achievement - The Longest Daze

Kill 3 players with the Equalizer in a single life without being healed.

Trench WarfareTF2 Soldier Achievement - Trench Warfare

Kill your nemesis with a shovel.

Near Death ExperienceTF2 Soldier Achievement - Near Death Experience

Kill 20 enemies with your Equalizer while you have less than 25 health.

Bomb SquaddieTF2 Soldier Achievement - Bomb Squaddie

Destroy 10 sticky bombs with the shotgun in a single life.

S*M*A*S*HTF2 Soldier Achievement - S*M*A*S*H

Assist a Medic in exploding 5 enemies with a single ÜberCharge.

Where Eagles DareTF2 Soldier Achievement - Where Eagles Dare

Get the highest possible rocket jump using jump and crouch.

Death From BelowTF2 Soldier Achievement - Death From Below

Kill 10 opponents who are airborne with the Direct Hit.

Banner of BrothersTF2 Soldier Achievement - Banner of Brothers

Buff 5 steam friends at once with the Buff Banner.

Worth a Thousand WordsTF2 Soldier Achievement - Worth a Thousand Words

Provide the enemy with a freezecam of your 21 gun salute.

Screamin' EagleTF2 Soldier Achievement - Screamin' Eagle

Kill 20 enemies from above.

Brothers in HarmsTF2 Soldier Achievement - Brothers in Harms

Kill 10 enemies while assisting or being assisted by another Soldier.

Crockets Are Such B.S.TF2 Soldier Achievement - Crockets Are Such B.S.

Shoot two non-boosted crit rockets in a row.

Medals of HonorTF2 Soldier Achievement - Medals of Honor

Finish a round as an MVP on a team of 6 or more players 10 times

Geneva ContraventionTF2 Soldier Achievement - Geneva Contravention

Kill 3 defenseless players after a single match has ended.

Ride of the ValkartieTF2 Soldier Achievement - Ride of the Valkartie

Ride the cart for 30 seconds.

Semper FryTF2 Soldier Achievement - Semper Fry

Kill 20 enemies while you are on fire.

For Whom the Shell TrollsTF2 Soldier Achievement - For Whom the Shell Trolls

Bounce an opponent into the air with a rocket and then kill them with the shotgun before they land.
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