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The TF2 crafting system

The items of Team Fortress 2 have become a essential part by this time. Many collectors have discovered a vast enthusiasm for the different items. Though, before one dedicates to the blueprints, the basic features of the crafting system should be clear.

The crafting of the most items follows the same system. The crafting setting is to be found next to the backpack and the character information.

In the crafting menu there are two options available. One the hand hand, you could use the exsisting blueprints. On the other hand you can choose the individual crafting option that allows access to all the items made available for crafting by Valve.

The basic elements

Scrap Metal
Scrap metal is earned by combining two different weapons of a class
Reclaimed Metal
Reclaimed metal is gained by combining three scrap metal parts.
Refined Metal
Refined metal is earned by combining three reclaimed metal parts.
Class Token
Class Token can be fabricated by combining three items of a specific class, which you want to have the token for.

Slot Token

A Slot Token is fabricated by combining three items of a specific slot. e.g. three primary weapons for a primary Slot Token.

You can also rebuild slot tokens. Just use a existing slot token with a weapon of a class where you need a slot token of.

Slot tokenTF2  Crafting Axtinguisher

Here you would get a Pyro slot token.

So far to the basic elements. You can combine these elements to a selection of target items.


You can earn hats with three different methods:

  • First: You are in the lucky position to have two similar hats. You simply put the in the crafting are and click "Craft it". The downside of this method is that you combine two hats into one, and you don't know what you are going to get. In the worst case, which has already been reported in the steam forums, you get one of the hats you used as a source item.
  • Second: You combine three parts of refined metal to get a random hat.
  • The third possibility costs you four parts of refined metal and a class token. Which hat of the specified class you are going to get is once again random.




  • Primary weapons
  • Secondary weapons
  • Melee weapons
  • Watches

Weapons are crafted after the same system:

Class token + slot token + scrap metal = desired weapon.

e.g. if I want a FaN, I take a scout token, a primary token + scrap metal.

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