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      • Impact on enemy players: receive 35% more damage (Minicrits)
      • Impact on enemy cloaked spies: uncloaks them
      • Impact on friendly players: extinguishes flames
      • Duration of effect: 5 seconds
      • Cool-down: 15 seconds
      • Ammunition: Infinite amount of jars.

      Jarate is one of the three new weapons introduced with the sniper vs. spy update. The weapon is being unlocked once you complete 11 sniper achievements thus completing the "Sniper Milestone 2".

      Jarate is used like a grenade. You throw your jar towards enemy players. But it doesn't deal damage like a real grenade, it "buffs" the enemy player with the Minicrit disadvantage, as they will now receive Minicrits which amplify the damage dealt by 35% for 5 seconds.

      Minicrits apply to any possibly hit such as melee weapons, bullets and even pyro flames. Moreover, Jarate can uncloak enemy spies, if you happen to hit one as well as extinguish friendly players that have been set on fire by an enemy pyro.

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