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Sentry Gun - Level 1

      • 150 Health Points
      • 1 Machine Gun
      • 2 Shots per second
      • 10 seconds building time

      A Sentry Gun is an offensive building that attacks enemy players automatically (even though it takes less than a second for sentry gun to target on an enemy. It doesn't shoot instantly). There are three levels for a Sentry gun: It's default level 1 (this one), and two upgraded levels (level 2 and 3). Each upgrade requires 200 metal each, and an Engineer must hit a Sentry Gun to upgrade it. A level 1 Sentry gun requires 10 seconds to be constructed, but this time limit can be shortened by the Engineer by punching the buildings with his wrench.
      A level 1 Sentry Gun has just one MG and possesses a low firing rate, it also has low health (150 HP). For classes like the Heavy, Soldier or Demomn, it’s an easy bait, but for all other classes, besides the Spy, it’s still a threat. It requires 130 metal to build a Sentry Gun.

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