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      • Level 1 Health: 125
      • Level 1 Recharge Time: 10 seconds
      • Level 2 Health: 180
      • Level 2 Recharge Time: 5 seconds
      • Level 3 Health: 216
      • Level 3 Recharge Time: 3 seconds

      The Engineer can create a shortcut between two points by building teleporters. A teleporter consists of two buildings: \\\"Teleporter Entrances\\\", which teammates can enter, and \\\"Teleporter Exits\\\", where teammates will appear after entering the entrance. If placed wisely, it can shorten a player\\\'s way to the battlefield and shorten the time between a player\\\'s death and his arrival at the battlefield after respawning. Both teleporter buildings requires 20 seconds to be constructed, but this time limit can be shortened by the Engineer by punching the buildings with his wrench.
      With an Update the engineer got the possibility to upgrade his teleporter till level 3. With each level the recharge time of teleporter will be reduced.

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