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Crusader's Crossbow

      • Fires special bolts that heal teammates and deal damage based on distance traveled
      • No headshots
      • -75% max primary ammo on wearer

      The Crusader's Crossbow is a community-made primary weapon for the Medic. The Crusader's Crossbow appears as a wooden crossbow, with a metal barrel attached to a canister which houses an arrow until it is fired. The cross emblem worn on the Medic's backpack and scoreboard icon is present on both the canister, and the frame of the Crusader's Crossbow.

      The Crusader's Crossbow fires an arrow that travels in a slight arc with a team-colored streak trailing behind it, not unlike the Huntsman. Though the Crusader's Crossbow does not require the user charge their shot before firing, the time spent reloading an active arrow is significantly increased compared to the Huntsman. Arrows fired from the Crusader's Crossbow will damage enemies and heal teammates, allowing a sharpshooting player to deal damage from a great distance. Any player hit with an arrow fired from the Crusader's Crossbow will appear to have an arrow sticking out of their body, a mere cosmetic effect.

      Arrows function on a reversed damage falloff scale; the further an arrow travels, a greater amount of damage or health it will heal. The amount of health replenished is not affected by whether the teammate has been recently damaged. Healing teammates with an arrow fired from the Crusader's Crossbow does not contribute to the Medic's ÜberCharge meter.

      A Pyro can reflect an arrow fired from the Crusader's Crossbow back at the Medic, or into their own teammates to give them a health boost. Disguised enemy Spies will be damaged by reflected arrows, rather than healed.

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