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      The Paint Can is a tool item that allows players to change the coloring of hats and Miscellaneous items. Paint Cans are available in 27 different colors and can be used on most cosmetic items. Paint Cans can be purchased from the Mann Co. Store, found via the item drop system, obtained by opening Mann Co. Supply Crates, or through the Trading system. The two types of Paint Cans are single-color and team-color. Items painted with single-color paints retain the one color, whereas team-color paints will switch between RED and BLU variant colors, depending on the player's current team. Paint can be removed from an item to restore it to its original color by selecting the item in the Backpack and clicking 'Restore'. Note, however, that the paint will not be returned to the player.

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70 Seiten - 1382 Einträge
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