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Winter Treasure Hunt 2011
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.12.2011 Time 14:58

A lot of players have been wondering about the gifts dropping in Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source and Left 4 Dead 2, containing just nothing. A few of you may even wondering about some games updating without showing an update log or news article.

Winter Treasure Hunt 2011

Now there is an answer for these mysterious happenings:

It`s about a new achievement hunt, like the Steam Treasure Hunt 2011 and the Summer Camp 2011, that will run from 19th December 2011 till 2nd January 2012 and is called the "Winter Treasure Hunt 2011". 

The Winter Treasure Hunt 2011 isn`t announced officially yet, but some information are already known:

You have to unlock specific achievements in some games. In CS:S, DoD:S, L4D2 and TF2 is it the Valve Gift Grap 2011 achievement you have to unlock via collecting 3 gifts dropped in the respective game. You can take a look at the Steam Treasure Hunt Wiki to know what other games are participating in the Winter Treasure Hunt and what achievements you have to unlock there. Surely these games will become cheaper after the Winter Treasure Hunt is announced officially. 

The prices for unlocking all the achievements are aswell known already:

The grand price: One winner receives all games available on Steam. 50 players can safe themselves the first price: Each one will get the first 10 games on their Steam wishlist for free. 100 winners can receive the first 5 games on their wishlist if they achieve the second price and 1000 participants will get the Valve Complete Pack, if they are counted to the winners of the third price.

If you can grap yourself a hat for Team Fortress 2 this time is not known yet. All further information regarding the Winter Treasure Hunt will beeing submitted by us after the achievement hunt starts.

For now you should collect all the gifts because even if you don`t receive any fancy headwear, you get a little amount of ammunation and incidentally you safe yourself a ticket for the Winter Treasure Hunt.

Have fun and a merry 4th Advent!


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