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Steam Holiday Sale & The Great Gift Pile
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.12.2011 Time 09:24

The money is rolling in for Steam again, since they've launched the Steam Holiday Sale yesterday. Now they are offering many games and game packs like the Max Payne Franchise package for -75%. Even whole developer catalogs have a discount sign on each of their games. From now on, each day will provide new offers you should keep an eye on. There might be an offer that suits you. You don't want to buy a game? No Problem, just set 10 games on your Steam Wishlist and start hunting for achievements... 

Winter Treasure Hunt 2011

The Great Gift Pile

The Winter Treasure Hunt 2011 also started yesterday. Again you have to unlock specific achievements in different games to obtain gifts...or coals. Don't worry if you only receive coals now. You can collect and craft them to gifts or keep them as tickets for the grand lottery.

Overall there are 100 achievements to unlock, 7 of them are Steam achievements which don't requiere any games so everybody can unlock them. For example, the first achievement you have to unlock is very easy: just check your steam inventory and you will receive the first gift.

You can check Steam everyday so you know what achievements you have to do. If you want to view the whole list of all comming achievements you can visit the Steam Treasure Hunt Wiki. There are also tips for unlocking the achievements easily.

Which gifts you can obtain through unlocking the achievements is also known already:
There are games and discount coupons to win. You wan't to know the games you can win? Just check this Pastebin page. There you can find a list of all obtainable games. The discount coupons you can win can be used at the purchase of a game. There is a "33% off Valve games" - coupon for getting discount on a game from Valve for example but there are also coupons like "50% off  Fallout 3"  which can be used to buy the great RPG-Shooter for half the price.

There has been everything said about the grand lottery in the last news, but here is a short summery about the prices:

  • Grand price: One luckily winner will receive all games available on Steam!
  • 1st price: 50 winners will get the first 10 games on their Steam wishlist paid by Valve.
  • 2nd price: 100 winners will receive the first 5 games on their Steam wishlist.
  • 3rd price: 1000 winners will get the Valve Complete Pack donated. 

You can participate in the grand lottery with the coals obtained through unlocking the given achievements. The coals are your tickets. The more coals you got the higher is the chance of winning (althrough it's still low because of the huge amount of Steam users). 

So what are you waiting for? Let's go hunting achievements! And don't forget to add 10 games to your Steam wishlist before you are going to start (this is an achievement too by the way).

Good luck and merry Christmas!


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