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Mann vs. Machine Update Day 1: This is the enemy!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 14.08.2012 Time 16:41

Mann vs. Machine


TOBOR-Texture names, secret rooms with pictures of robots in Foundry and Doomsday and loads of new rumours in the Steam forum and elsewhere: The long discussed Mann vs. Machine Update has been announced by Valve last night. Similar to the Pyromania-Update, this update will be exxtended over three days before it hits the game. On every day, Valve is going to deliver new information. Day 1 explains the general facts about the  Mann vs. Machine, who the enemies are andg what the new map will look like. Moreover, a new comic has been released. It introduces us to the Mann vs. Machine Update in Saxton Hale's fashion.

Here is the official trailer for the update:



What is Mann vs Machine?


Mann vs. Machine is a update that brings above all a new game mode and a new type of enemies. A new map will be integrated as well and new items are very likely, too.

The new game mode is a CO-OP mode, that allows you to fight together with up to five friends against hordes of roboters, similar to the "Tower Defence" principle. That means furthermore, that the enemies will approach in several waves. Every wave of r9obots is more powerful and larger. Every survived wave means an upgrade for your weapon, though, the robots get upgraded bombs as well:

Stage 1 - Defensive buff for all near robots

Stage 2 - Near robots regenerate health

Stage 3 - Permanent critical hits for near robots

The goal is to survive all waves and to prevent the robots from bringing bombs to the defended building from Saxton Hale. If a robot is destroyed, it looses loot. What this means exactly is yet unknown. From what the comic tells us, the loot is money. This could hint to credits for buying upgrades.

Where can we play it?


MannworksUntil now, just one new map has been announced: Mannworks Quicklime Company. There are not really other facts. The map is a Mann Co. quicklime factory, that is attacked by the robots. The only picture reveals a rather small and tubular setting. Moreover this picture shows the Final Stage. The robots are going to bring the bombs to the marked spot in the middle. It is most likley, that they come out of the gate on the right hand corner. That means that you have, among others, the chance to defend from the platform above.

Who are the enemies?


The new enemies are robots, that were created by Gray to destroy Mann Co. The look similar to their respective game characters in Team Fortress 2.


That means we have(besides the ordinary robots with standard weapons) for example the special robot version of the Heavy: the 'Steel Gauntlet'. This one is quite resistant to damage, extremely durable and skilled with his fists. That's why he is equipped with Fists of Steel. The 'Bowman' - the Snimper's special robot version- is armed with the Huntsman and shoots very precisely. Another special robot is the 'Sentry Buster'. These bombs on legs run directly for Sentry Guns and detonates after a few seconds.

Besides the usual and special robots, there will be the so called gigantic robots, which are bigger, have bigger weapons and a lot thicker armor. Their only disadvantage is a slow movement speed. However, this does not concern the  'Super Scout'. This one is even faster than the other robots.

For more information on the robots, just visit the Team Fortress 2 Wiki.


These are all (obvious) facts for day 1. We stay tuned for day 2 and the release on Wednesday(well, for us thursday)!




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