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Small update features "The Cave" Promos
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.01.2013 Time 14:55

Valve released the first update of the new year yesterday night.

Of course, this will be celebrated and this means new pronotion items for the Engineer. These items are three objects from the game The Cave, which is going to be realesed on Steam this month. The items are: a tiny pink furry teddy bear for the Engineer's bag, a stray hat (from a character in the game) and a beard (from the same character)

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    • Last Straw

      Do you love farmin'? Do you hate the sun? Well shade yer noggin, grab yer hoe, and keep yer scattergun handy to scare off any varmints might come a-trespassin'.

    • Prize Plushy

      No more carnival games for you! Why buy three throws for a dollar and a chance to win a prize plushy for your paramour when you can just get one from the source and carry it around with you wherever you go!

    • Grizzled Growth

      Whether it's the rugged charm of your chin locks or the fumes from the overripe pomade, the ladies are sure to swoon whenever you're near. Shave it off while they're dazed and pretend you saved them from a bear attack when they awake. Works every time.

The Winter Items have been further revised: Barnstormer Style has been fixed, Cold Killer is available as Unusual. Plus, it is dyeable. The Digit Divulger has been fixed as well.

Interestingly, one of the most "trolled" has been fixed. The "High-Five Glitch"  made it possible to glitch through the invisbile wall at the enemy's spawn, when performing a High-Five with your partner. Obviously, that caused a lot of unwanted Heavy kills at the spawn. However, that's a thing of the past.

Moreover, all Genuine Items and Festive Items have been made available via the  Steam Market.

Everything else is of course mentioned in the Changelog:

Team Fortress 2

  • Added new promo items
  • Mann Vs. Machine
    • Fixed clients being able to issue mp_tournament_restart, tournament_readystate, and tournament_teamname commands
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to stun a mini-boss
    • Updated mvm_bigrock with some new func_nobuild areas
  • Fixed a regression where minicrits were being affected by long-range damage fall-off
  • Fixed a client crash related to arrows and bolts
  • Fixed an exploit where certain player conditions could be used indefinitely
  • Fixed clients seeing incorrect stats during changelevel
  • Fixed the Tomislav playing firing sounds when it wasn't firing
  • Fixed being able to score assists with yourself in certain situations
  • Fixed being able to cross into enemy spawn rooms using the high-five taunt
  • Fixed Festive versions of weapons not completing a set when equipped
  • Fixed a client crash when viewing the Top Sellers tab in the Mann Co. Store
  • Fixed styles not working properly for The Barnstormer
  • Updated The Digit Divulger to allow skin to be seen in the knuckles and wrist area
  • Updated The Cold Killer to add paintability and fix unusual effect placement
  • Genuine-quality items and festive items that are otherwise tradable can now be listed on the Steam Community Market
  • Updated the localization files


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