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Steam Trading Cards - Officially released
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 26.06.2013 Time 21:06

Today, on June 26 2013, the Steam Trading Cards System has been officially released. Thath means, from today on, all users have a new Steam profile and the possibilty of collecting, trading and crafting Steam Trading Cards.

For some of you, this is not something completetly new, since you have been taking part in the Beta. Your eager participation and feedback will be rewarded:

Steam Trading Cards


All Participants of the Steam Trading Cards Beta receive a Trading Card Beta Tester Badge (100XP) and a :tradingcard: Emoticon. (woooow) 

If you have crafted at least on Badge during the beta, you get a  :tradingcardfoil: Emoticon as well. (yeeaahh)




If you haven't had a part in the beta and you really don't know what this is all about, simply check out the the official Steam Trading Cards FAQ.

The official release comes with more supported games for the system. Here, you find a current list of these games:  Steam Trading Cards Steam Group (the list is on the right hand-side).

If you would like to trade cards, emoticons or profile backgrounds you can use the respective thread: STC Trading Thread


Furthermore, there has been a minor update that added a so called Summer Claim Check to the game. If you have found this item, make sure that you keep it, since this thing might bring you a Mann Co. Crate later on (most likely similar to the Summer Crate)

  • Fixing a bug with Description strings getting cut off for the MAC and Linux versions

Undocumented changes

  • Added the Summer Claim Check

Have fun with the trading and collecting!



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