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Big Bugfix-Update out now!

The huge update from 10th July, 2013 comes with over 60 items, a lot of bug fixes, item changes and 2 new control point maps.
Comments (0) Thursday, 11.07.2013

Steam Trading Cards - Officially released

Today, on June 26 2013, the Steam Trading Cards System has been officially released. Thath means, from today on, all users have a new Steam profile and the possibilty of collecting, trading and crafting Steam Trading Cards.
Comments (0) Wednesday, 26.06.2013

New SteamPipe System for TF2

After Valve's convertion of the older Source game DoD:S, HL2:DM und CS:S to the new SteamPipe System, Team Fortress 2 is the next candidate. But what is this new system and what are the advantages for the users?
Comments (0) Monday, 29.04.2013

New First Person View even without VR Glasses

On April 18th, 2013 Valve released a hatless update that integrates a completely new First Person View into the game.
Comments (0) Sunday, 21.04.2013

Wheatley (Portal 2) meets TF2 + Promo Item Update

Wheatley, originally a personality centrepiece for GLaDOS from Portals 2 is now availabe as a Spy Sapper in Team Fortress 2 -  assumed that you own the What's in the Portal 2 Soundtrack Box?.
Comments (0) Wednesday, 13.03.2013

Linux Promo Update!

Linux users should play Team Fortress between February 14 and March 1 2013 to receive the official Linux Promo Item, the Tux penguin!
Comments (0) Friday, 15.02.2013

Small update features "The Cave" Promos

Valve released the first update of the new year yesterday night.
Comments (0) Wednesday, 09.01.2013

Mecha Update Day 2: The Update is Live!

The night brought us this year's Christmas Update for Team Fortress 2, which brings a big bag of new items.
Comments (0) Friday, 21.12.2012

Mecha Update Day 1: The Mecha-Engineer

Christmas, the days of love? Apparently not in Team Fortress 2. Valve released a blog post containing this year's Christmas Update: The Mecha Update.
Comments (0) Thursday, 20.12.2012

Current Trades
Being traded right now

Most offered: Equalizer 83 Offers

  • Equalizer

    • Damage increases as the user becomes injured
    • Blocks healing when in use

    The Equalizer gets more lethal, the more damage the soldier does take.

Offered by Amokfahrer and 20 others.

Offer by de Hefelolly 26.03.2012

    • Steam Community Profile
    • Backpack
  • Offering

    Looking for

    • Bill's hat

    • Surgeon's Stahlhelm

      The Surgeon's Stahlhelm is a community-created headwear item for the Medic. It is a white World War era German army helmet adorned with a team-colored cross on both sides, denoting that the wearer is medical personnel.

Offer by de znow (1 Up!) 26.08.2013

    • Steam Community Profile
    • Backpack
  • Offering

    • Strange Grenade Launcher

      • Damage: 64 - 132
      • Critical damage: 284 - 296
      • Total shots: 16 + 4 in the weapon

      With the grenade launcher, the Demoman can deal much damage in no time. Though, the grenades explodes by direct contact with an enemy player or an enemy building, otherwise they explode automatically 2 to 3 seconds after hitting a ceiling, a wall or the ground.

    • Dueling Mni-Game

      The Duelling Mini-Game allows you to challenge an opponent player to a duel. Every time you kill him, you obtain Duel Points. The player with the most Duel Points at the end of the round wins the game. The Duelling Mini-Game can be purchased in the store for 0,99€ (5 uses possible).

    • Prince Tavish's Crown

    • Strange Gold Botkiller Wrench

    Looking for

    • Merc's Pride Scarf

      The Merc's Pride Scarf is a promotional miscellaneous item available to all classes. It is a team-colored woolen scarf bearing the Team Fortress 2 logo. This item is awarded in Genuine quality for anyone who pre-ordered Football Manager 2012 on Steam before October, 2011.

    • King of Scotland Cape

      Capes are worn by only the most prestigious individuals. Kings. Dracula. Teenagers pretending they're wizards. Now you can join their illustrious ranks with this King of Scotland Cape. Wear it with pride, and make those prepubescents proud.

    • Shred Alert

      Harness the unholy power of the Dark One (Yngwie Malmsteen) and crush your opponents with blistering riffs, lava-hot licks and emotionally crippling power ballads!

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