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Big Bugfix-Update out now!

The huge update from 10th July, 2013 comes with over 60 items, a lot of bug fixes, item changes and 2 new control point maps.
Comments (0) Thursday, 11.07.2013

Steam Trading Cards - Officially released

Today, on June 26 2013, the Steam Trading Cards System has been officially released. Thath means, from today on, all users have a new Steam profile and the possibilty of collecting, trading and crafting Steam Trading Cards.
Comments (0) Wednesday, 26.06.2013

New SteamPipe System for TF2

After Valve's convertion of the older Source game DoD:S, HL2:DM und CS:S to the new SteamPipe System, Team Fortress 2 is the next candidate. But what is this new system and what are the advantages for the users?
Comments (0) Monday, 29.04.2013

New First Person View even without VR Glasses

On April 18th, 2013 Valve released a hatless update that integrates a completely new First Person View into the game.
Comments (0) Sunday, 21.04.2013

Wheatley (Portal 2) meets TF2 + Promo Item Update

Wheatley, originally a personality centrepiece for GLaDOS from Portals 2 is now availabe as a Spy Sapper in Team Fortress 2 -  assumed that you own the What's in the Portal 2 Soundtrack Box?.
Comments (0) Wednesday, 13.03.2013

Linux Promo Update!

Linux users should play Team Fortress between February 14 and March 1 2013 to receive the official Linux Promo Item, the Tux penguin!
Comments (0) Friday, 15.02.2013

Small update features "The Cave" Promos

Valve released the first update of the new year yesterday night.
Comments (0) Wednesday, 09.01.2013

Mecha Update Day 2: The Update is Live!

The night brought us this year's Christmas Update for Team Fortress 2, which brings a big bag of new items.
Comments (0) Friday, 21.12.2012

Mecha Update Day 1: The Mecha-Engineer

Christmas, the days of love? Apparently not in Team Fortress 2. Valve released a blog post containing this year's Christmas Update: The Mecha Update.
Comments (0) Thursday, 20.12.2012

Current Trades
Being traded right now

Most offered: Equalizer 83 Offers

  • Equalizer

    • Damage increases as the user becomes injured
    • Blocks healing when in use

    The Equalizer gets more lethal, the more damage the soldier does take.

Offered by ToonyxLP and 20 others.

Offer by Yaazu 22.08.2012

    • Steam Community Profile
    • Backpack
  • Offering

    • Strange Stickybomb Launcher

      • Damage: 120
      • Minicrit-Damage: 162
      • Crit-Damage: 353
      • Shots: 8 Stickys
      • Total Shots: 32 Stickys

      The primary purpose for the Sticky grenade launcher is to place sticky bombs for defensive purposes. The sticky bombs can be placed nearly at anyplace and can be detonated by command . They are an excellent choice to destroy enemy positions.Only disadvantages are high reload time and that they can be destroyed by enemy firearms.

    • Strange Fists

      • Damage: 59 - 72
      • Mini-Crit: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195

      The melee weapon of the Heavy class are his massive Fists. Dealing significant damage, his fists are an alternative to the Shotgun when an opponent is at close range and the Heavy's Minigun is out of ammo. Alternatively, the fists may be used to attack enemies within melee range if the wind-up time for the minigun is too costly.

    • Australium Gold

      The Paint Can is a tool item that allows players to change the coloring of hats and Miscellaneous items. Paint Cans are available in 27 different colors and can be used on most cosmetic items. Paint Cans can be purchased from the Mann Co. Store, found via the item drop system, obtained by opening Mann Co. Supply Crates, or through the Trading system. The two types of Paint Cans are single-color and team-color. Items painted with single-color paints retain the one color, whereas team-color paints will switch between RED and BLU variant colors, depending on the player's current team. Paint can be removed from an item to restore it to its original color by selecting the item in the Backpack and clicking 'Restore'. Note, however, that the paint will not be returned to the player.

    • Sharpened Volcano Fragment

      • On Hit: target is engulfed in flames
      • -20% damage done

      Improves upon Mother Nature's original design for volcanos by increasing portability. Modern science is unable to explain exactly where the lava is coming from.

    • Reggaelator

      Every little thing is gonna be alright.

    Looking for

    • Hustler's hallmark

    • Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

      With this key you are able to open a Mann Co. Suppy Crate. The key can only be bought in the store.

    • Refined Metal

    • Superfan

      The Superfan is a promotional headwear item for the Scout. It is a green and white baseball cap identical to the one worn by Bullseye, the Monday Night Combat mascot. This hat was awarded to those who purchased Monday Night Combat on Steam before February 1, 2011.

    • Helmet Without a Home

      Think of this helmet as a fortified, portable home for your head. It's also lined with tin foil, so nobody will be able to steal your valuable tramp-thoughts.

Offer by MaddinStrike 09.01.2013

    • Steam Community Profile
    • Backpack
  • Offering

    • Elli's Cap

      Ellis' Cap is a promotional headwear item wearable by all classes. It is styled after the hat worn by the eponymous Ellis in Left 4 Dead 2. It is a white and team-colored baseball cap featuring a tow truck patch. This hat, along with the Frying Pan, is awarded to players who purchase Left 4 Dead 2 before October 7, 2010.

    • Solemn Vow

      • Allows you to see enemy health.

      The Solemn Vow is a melee weapon for the Medic. It is a marble bust of Hippocrates, inset with a plaque reading "Do no harm," the guiding principle of the Hippocratic Oath. Wielding this weapon allows the player to view enemy health and names, providing strategic information that could aid the team. The item was previously tested in the Team Fortress 2 Beta as the Beta Bonesaw.

    • Strange Baby Face's Blaster

      • On Hit: Builds Boost Run at up to double speed at maximum Boost
      • -10% slower movement speed on wearer
      • -34% clip size
      • Boost reduced on air jumps

    Looking for

    • Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

      With this key you are able to open a Mann Co. Suppy Crate. The key can only be bought in the store.

    • Rainblower

      • On Equip: Visit Pyroland
      • Only visible in Pyroland

      Your friends (enemies) will squeal with delight (be consumed with fire) when you cover them in sparkly rainbows (all-consuming fire). (Equips Pyrovision.)

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