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Meet the Dumbasses
Written by Unknown on 30.08.2009 Time 17:13

Today we show you an old classic among the TF2 YouTube Poop-like videos: Meet the Dumbasses. Like Meet the Outtakes, this series of videos features video clips from the "Meet the Team" videos with hilarious audio samples.

The mastermind behind Meet the Dumbasses (MTD for short) is YouTube ser Toenninga. Don't be fooled by the name, "TheToenninga" is the real one - it's his new account. His former account has been deleted due to some copyright issues. You know, the usual stuff - it's not really a big deal, but the company who told YouTube to delete the account seems to thing otherwise. Doesn't matter now, because Toenninga re-uploaded all of his videos, so don't panic. That's the reason why all of his videos have such low views - prior to the account deletion; the videos had an average 80.000 views.

If you don't know the series yet, then sit down, take a beer and be sure to have at last 1 hour of free time to enjoy the videos. If you already know the series, then watch at least episode 13, which has been uploaded today.

This being said: Enjoy!


PS: Thanks to community member PornFlake for mentioning the series in the first place (We at TFPortal never forget something ^^)


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