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Valve explains TF2 damage System
Written by Unknown on 05.02.2009 Time 09:48

On Tuesday, Valve shipped out an update with some bugfixes, new features and changes at the game balance (we reported). With that update, valve does some major changes on the TF damage system with they explained in the TF2-Blog.

Here are the things you need to know.

[quote]First, a quick primer on how the critical hit system works. Each player's chance of successfully rolling for a critical hit depends on two factors:
  • A base chance, which is fixed per weapon (2% for all non-melee weapons, 15% for melee)
  • An additional bonus, which is based on the amount of damage you've done to enemies in the last 20 seconds. This bonus linearly scales with damage up to a maximum of 10%.

[quote]There are two paradigms used for when to roll, and what happens on success:
  • Rapid-fire weapons roll for critical hits once per second, instead of every shot. If they roll a crit, the next 2 seconds worth of their fire are marked as critical hits.

  • Non-rapid fire weapons roll for critical hits each time you fire, and if they roll a crit, only that shot is marked as a critical hit.

  • The sniper rifle and spy knife only score critical hits on headshots and backstabs respectively. They never roll for critical hits.

[quote]We had a few things we wanted to change with the old system:
  • Reduce the overall number of critical hits occurring in the game.

  • Make critical hits more skill / performance based.

[quote]Here are the actual changes we made, taken from the release notes:
  • Base critical hit chance is now 2% (was 5%)

  • Bonus range based on damage done changed from 0%-15% to 0%-10

  • Damage range required for bonus changed from 0-1600 to 0-800

TF2 Critical Hits

More you can find in the Blog. Take a look!


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