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Scout-Update #4 - cp_egypt & cp_fastlane update
Written by Unknown on 21.02.2009 Time 00:03

Valve revealed part 4 of the Scout update today. This time we have two new maps: cp_egypt and cp_fastlane²

TF2 Scout Update - Unlocks

cp_egypt is another community map integrated into the official map pool. As the name implies, the map features sands and pyramids, making it the first official map to establish an Egypt setting. Previous official maps featured either a canyon, interior buildings or the Alps as terrain settings.

TF2 Map - CP_Egypt TF2 Map - CP_Egypt
TF2 Map - CP_Egypt TF2 Map - CP_Egypt

Regarding cp_fastlane, Valve announced that they will release an updated version of the map, featuring spawn and capture timer tweaks, geometry and art modifications as well as some exploit fixes.

TF2 Map - CP_Fastlane


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