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Payload / Race

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Payload Maps

The Payload Mode is inspired by the escort maps from Team Fortress Classic. The mode has been included during the Medic Update. The BLU team must escort a Payoad to the RED base. A Payload moves only when at least one player from the BLU team stands near the playoad. Each additional teammate increases the speed the Payload is moving forward. The RED team must defend their base and stop the payload from reaching their base. The RED team wins when the payload hasn't reached its final destination before the round time ends. The BLU team wins when the payloads successfully reach its final destination before the round time ends. The Payload heals nearby BLU players, much like the Engineer's Dispenser do. If a Payload reaches it's final destination, it explodes and kills all players near the last point, much like at the end of CP_Steel in case of a victory for the attacking team.


Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map -

 PL_Goldrush is the first Payload Map included into the Valve map pool. The map has been included during the Medic Update. Like in CP_Dustbowl, there are a total of 3 stages, each stage containing 3 to 5 Points the payload must pass. After the Payload has reached it's final point on one stage, the game changes to the next stage. if the Payload reaches the last Point on stage 3, the BLU team wins.


Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - PL_Badwater Overview

  Badwater is the second Payload Map included into the Valve map pool. The map has been included during the Heavy Update. Unlike PL_Goldrush, this map has only one stage with a total of 4 Points for the Payload to pass. The first part of the map features a hill (as pictured) while the rest of the map features several houses and open areas. After the second Point has been reached by the Payload, the gate leading to the rocky environment shut down, forcing the RED team to take a longer way to stop the BLU team.


Payload Map Hoodoo TF2 Map PL Hoodoo

Hoodoo is a three stage Payload map with each 2 Control Points. It was originally a community map, that made it into the game with the Sniper vs. Spy update. On this map, the last point is always hard-fought, whereas the first one is rather easy to capture.



Payload Map Thundermountain
TF2 Map PL Thundermountain

Thundermountain consist of three parts. The first two are mainly longer paths, that BLU must travel with just one Control Point on the way. The third part leads the cart on a huge tower. Thus, the incline makes the cart roll back, when BLU looses control over it.



Payload Map Upward
TF2 Map PL Upward

Upward is another 5 CP Payload map. The rails are on a mountain, that offers a lot of  steep places where players might fall to death.



TF2 Map PL Frontier PL Frontier Overview

Frontier is a Payload map with 4 Control Points that BLU must pass. The cart however, is not an ordinary cart, but a special designed vehicle with the name "Li'l Chew Chew", which is indeed the icing on the cake. Frontier was added on February 24 2011 with the Community Map Pack Update.



TF2 Map PL Barnblitz TF2 Map Overview PL Barnblitz

Barnblitz is a winter4 CP Payload map that came with the Über Update. The map has both indoor and outdoor areas and is fairly balanced for both teams. On the one hand, the indoor areas are quite easy to defend with a well-placed Sentry Gun. On the other hand, the attacking team has several ways to put up a Teleporter in the various barns. This barns are a nice hideout for a supporting Sniper, too.



Payload-Race Maps

Payload-Race is a fresh game mode introduced with the Sniper vs. Spy Update. The principle is taken from the Payload maps, except that now are 2 carts in the game! Both teams have to push their cart as fast as possible to the destination to win the round. Obviously this leads to hardly contestet areas!


TF2 Map PLR Pipeline TF2 Map PLR Pipeline

Pipeline is the first Payload Race Map in in TF2. Moreover, it is the first map with night setting. The map is divided, similar to CP_Dustbowl, into three zones. The map is placed right in a industrial district and is with its several windings and paths a good choice for all of the nine classes.



TF2 Map PLR Hightower TF2 Map Overview PLR Hightower

Hightower is one of the Payload Race Maps, that have been implemented with the Engineer Update. It is the second official PLR map developed by Valve. Though, it is rather different to Pipeline, since it features only one stage instead of three. The rails are put aorund a central tower that stands between both bases. Plus, the last point is only accessable by a lift.



TF2 Map PLR Nightfall PLR Nightfall Stage 1 PLR Nightfall Stage 2 PLR Nightfall Stage 3

Nightfall is a rainy Payload Race map that represents just as Sawmill a lumbermill in a forest. The map won at the TF2Maps.net Payload Race Contest and was added with the Community Map Pack Update. Nightfall has a significance: Both teams have no possibility to put up a solid defense, since the ways to the enemy spawn are rather short, especially for Soldiers and Demomen. The goal is to push the cart on the enemy Control Point, and to prevent the enemy team form doing just so.

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