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  • 16.04.2014

    Einfach bei Steam adden // Just add via steam

  • Offering

    • Strange Flamethrower

      • Damage per second (point blank): 134.6 - 198
      • Damage per second (medium range): 118.8 - 158.4
      • Damage per second (long range): 79.2 - 99
      • Mini-crit damage: 1.35x more damage
      • Critical damage: 3x more damage

      Welcome to hell! Although the Flamethrower only has a reach of 2 meters, it causes great damage to enemies and can kill them within seconds depending on the target’s distance and HP. Should the Pyro even manage to get amidst a group of enemies, he can unleash pure mayhem on them by setting multiple players ablaze with a single quick sweep. Once afire, enemies lose 3 HP per second and continue to burn for quite a long period of time if not healed. This allows the Pyro to even score kills while he already initiates his next barbeque somewhere else on the map. With the secondary function of the flamethrower, the pyro is able to produce a blast of compressed air that knocks enemies away, and redirects enemy projectiles. He also can use it to extinguish teammates.

    • Strange Shortstop

      • Damage (short Distance): 69 - 72
      • Damage (medium Distance):: 24 - 48
      • Damage (long Distance):: 6 - 12
      • Minicrit-Damage: 16 pro Kugel
      • Crit-Damage: 24 pro Kugel
      • Shots: 4
      • Total shots: 36 + 4 in the weapon
      • On Hit: Slow target movement by 40% for 0.5s

      As a part of the Special Delivery Kit, this four-barreled Pistol will replace your primary Scattergun. Because of its fast reloading ability, this weapon will be a torture to your enemies when it's used by the right person.

    • Hat With No Name

      The Hat With No Name is a community-created headwear item for the Soldier. It appears as a tall team-colored cowboy hat.

    • Unknown Monkeynaut

      Have an actual ghost of Mann Co.'s first doomed monkeynaut expedition haunt your shoulder! Unlike the many other doomed monkeynaut expeditions undertaken by Mann Co., Operation Banana Catapult was unique in that no space shuttles were even used.

  • 16.04.2014

    Eine Waffe kostet ein Altmetall. Ich verkaufe alle doppelten Waffen für je ein Altmetall. Sucht euch einfach eine dopplete Waffe aus meinem Rucksack aus.

  • Offering

    • Huntsman

      • Bodyshot: 44-58 (0% Charge), 103-137 (100% Charge)
      • Headshot: 153 (0% Charge), 360 (100% Charge
      • Clip Size: 1 shot
      • Ammunition overall: 12 shots + 1 in the bow

      The huntsman is one of the three new weapons for the sniper introduced with the sniper vs. spy update. The weapon is unlocked once you complete 5 sniper achievements thus acquiring the "Sniper Milestone 1". This weapon is a decent alternative for the sniper rifle. While the latter is more suited for very long range combat, the bow can compete with mid- to melee range combat. The charging time for your shot is shorter than the one of your sniper rifle, which is useful in melee range. The field of view is also better, because you can fire well aimed shots from the normal - unzoomed - sight.

    • Solemn Vow

      • Allows you to see enemy health.

      The Solemn Vow is a melee weapon for the Medic. It is a marble bust of Hippocrates, inset with a plaque reading "Do no harm," the guiding principle of the Hippocratic Oath. Wielding this weapon allows the player to view enemy health and names, providing strategic information that could aid the team. The item was previously tested in the Team Fortress 2 Beta as the Beta Bonesaw.

    • Nessie's Nine Iron

      • No random critical hits
      • -25 max health on wearer

      The Nessie's Nine Iron is a community-created melee weapon for the Demoman. It has the appearance of a golf club. This weapon functions in the same manner as the Eyelander. Taunting with the Nessie's Nine Iron will perform the Demoman's Decapitation kill taunt.

    • Third Degree

      • All players connected via Medigun beams are hit

      Being a device that flouts conventional scientific consensus that the molecules composing the human body must be arranged "just so", and not, for example, across a square-mile radius.

    • Flying Guillotine

      • Throw at your enemies to make them bleed! Long distance hits cause mini-crits
      • 100% critical hit vs stunned players
      • No random critical hits

    Looking for

  • 16.04.2014

    verkaufe fast alle unique (normale) waffen für 1 scrap pro waffe. Adde mich!

  • Offering

    • Genuine Potato Hat

      The Aperture Labs Hard Hat, formerly known as the [ classified ], is a promotional headwear item for all classes. It is a white hard hat with a potato-powered miner's light with a team-colored glow, connected by two insulated orange wires. The side opposite to the potato sports two pieces of grey electrical tape covering an old Aperture Science logo, which can be uncovered via its style. This hat was awarded to players who had bought the Potato Sack pack, or owned all the games from the pack. It first became available with the April 5, 2011 Patch and could be obtained prior to the release of Portal 2. It can be worn by Atlas and P-body in Portal 2's co-op mode.

    • Your Worst Nightmare

      Your Worst Nightmare is a community-created headwear item for the Sniper. It is a sloppy looking hairdo, similar to a mullet, tied back by a team-colored knotted bandana.

    • Strange Festive Flame Thrower

      Festive weapons are default weapons that are wrapped with Christmas lights. The color of the lights differ between RED and BLU teams, RED team has red, yellow and green lights whereas BLU has blue, yellow and green lights. These weapons can be obtained by unlocking a Naughty Christmas Crate. The weapons were added in the Australian Christmas 2011 update.

    • Strange Festive Axtinguisher

      • 100% critical hit vs burning players
      • -50% damage vs non-burning players
      • No critical hits vs non-burning players
    • Festive Grenade Launcher

    Looking for

    • Earbuds

      Every player, who launched Team Fortress 2 on a Mac between June 10 and June 14 2010, achieved this earbuds.

    • Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

      With this key you are able to open a Mann Co. Suppy Crate. The key can only be bought in the store.

    • Prince Tavish's Crown

    • Bearded Bombardier

      • Effect: Genteel Pipe Smoke

      Demo is already a lot like Santa Claus. They both have extensive knowledge of modern explosives, they both hate Judy Garland, and now, they can both sport a charming beard and corn cob pipe.

  • 15.04.2014

    Bei Interesse bitte melden.

  • Offering

    • Strange Part: Spies Killed

      Adding this Strange Part to a Strange-quality weapon will enable it to track the number of Spies you kill with that weapon.

    Looking for

    • Tour of Duty Ticket

      Present this ticket in Mann vs. Machine to play Mann Up Mode on an official server to earn rare items and track progress on your Tour of Duty Badge.

  • 15.04.20141 Up!

    trade alle Waffen von BP Seite 1-28 ---> 1:1 + Scrapbanking

  • Offering

    • Holy Mackerel

      • Damage: 32 - 39
      • Minicrit-Damage: 47
      • Crit-Damage: 105

      As a part of the Special Delivery Kit, this in a newspaper wrapped fish replaces you Baseball Bat. It has no special attributes, but gives you a lot of respect after a "FISH KILL!".

    • Red-Tape Recorder

      • Reverses enemy building construction
      • -100% sapper damage penalty
    • Flying Guillotine

      • Throw at your enemies to make them bleed! Long distance hits cause mini-crits
      • 100% critical hit vs stunned players
      • No random critical hits
    • Neon Annihilator

      • 100% critical hit vs wet players
      • Can damage sappers
      • -20% damage penalty vs. players
      • No random critical hits
    • Vaccinator

      • Special-Attack: Cycle through resist types.While healing, provides you and your target with a constant 10% resistance to the selected damage type.
      • +150% ÜberCharge rate
      • -66% Overheal build rate.

      ÜberCharge provides 75% resistance to a selected damage type. You are healed for 25% of the matched incoming damage on your heal target.

  • 15.04.20141 Up!

    macht ein angebot

  • Offering

    • Unusual Lucky Shot

      The Lucky Shot is a community-created headwear item for the Soldier. It appears as an unexploded green and team-colored yellow or orange mortar embedded in the Soldier's default helmet.

  • 15.04.20144 Up!

    Schreibt mir eine Nachricht mit euren Angeboten bevor ihr mich in Steam addet. Hab auch noch Stormy Storm Pickelhaube und Stormy Storm Ol' Snaggletooth.

  • Offering

    • Raijin's Kabuto

    • Unusual Officer's ushanka

    • Unusual Samur-Eye

      One-eyed Scottish drunk Dons his helmet for battle Blacks out, misses war

    • Unusual Backwards Ballcap

      The Backwards Ballcap is a headwear item for the Scout. It is a team-colored baseball cap, worn in a backwards fashion. This hat comes with two styles; the first one shows the hat along with the Scout's default headset, the second only shows the hat.

    • Unusual Bubble Pipe

      • Effect: Genteel Pipe Smoke

      Being an invention that achieves the humanitarian goal of all great men of science, from Lord Holland to the Duke of Wellington, to allow a true gentle-man to smoke a pipe in space.

  • 13.04.2014

    angebot für valley forge buds oder unusual für sniper soldier oder pyro

  • Offering

    • Unusual Valley Forge

      This tricorn is a tribute to our country's greatest President. The tiny medal on it is a tribute to the ribbony children's medal he won for inventing America.

    Looking for

    • Earbuds

      Every player, who launched Team Fortress 2 on a Mac between June 10 and June 14 2010, achieved this earbuds.

  • 13.04.2014

    Bei Steam adden/Add via Steam. Habe noch mehr Zeugs zum Handeln./More things to trade in my inventory.

  • Offering

    • Dead Ringer

      • Total cloak time: 6.5 seconds
      • Recharge time: 16 seconds

      The Dead Ringer one of the three new weapons added with the Sniper VS Spy Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 17 Spy Achievements, thus reaching the "Spy Milestone 3". Unlike the Invisibility Watch, the Dead Ringer doesn't allow to cloak the Spy by demand, but when hit by something, regardless of an enemy weapon or an environmental object. When triggered, it will create a corpse of the Spy or the class he was being disguised. At the same time, the Spy is cloaked for 5.5 seconds, allowing him to escape and fool the enmy in believing you actually died. Additionally, The damage taken while holding the Dead Ringer and activating its effect will be recuded by 90%. This applies to the first shot only, any additional damage taken while being cloaked is the default 100%.

    • Eyelander

      • Damage:43 - 87
      • Minicrit-Damage: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195
      • Per melee kill+15 HP
      • -25HP
      • Crits only in connection with the Chargin\\\' Targe

      Who weares the eyelander feels his curse and will suffer a loss of 25 HP. With the Eyelander, enemies will be decapitated in Highlander style. By killing enemies, the Demoman gains a bonus in speed and each 15 HP. This bonus can be added up to 4 times, so that the Demoman can have a maximum health of 210 HP. Critical hits can be reached only in connection with the Chargin Targe, the demo's shield. Moreover, the Eyelander has an increased range in melee

    • Phlogistinator

      • All fire damage charges 'Mmmph', activate to refill health and crit for several seconds
      • No airblast
      • No random critical hits
      • -10% damage penalty

      Being a revolutionary appliance capable of awakening the fire element phlogiston that exists in all combustible creatures, which is to say, all of them.

    • Cozy Camper

      • No flinching when aiming
      • Knockback reduced by 20% when aiming
      • +1 health regenerated per second on wearer
      • -80% slower move speed when aiming

      The Cozy Camper is a community-created secondary weapon for the Sniper. It is a large team-colored backpack with camping gear attached. The attached gear includes Jarate, a Stainless Pot, a miniature Australian flag, and a koala doll with a slouch hat. The pot and the Jarate sway when the Sniper moves. When equipped, the Cozy Camper will prevent the Sniper from 'flinching' such that the Sniper Rifle's scope will not move when taking damage, such as weapon fire, bleeding, or afterburn. Additionally, overall knockback is reduced by 20%. As a downside, the Sniper will move 90% slower while scoped. In the case of the Huntsman, the effects are applied while the Sniper has the bow string pulled back.

    • Baby Face's Blaster

      • On Hit: Builds Boost Run at up to double speed at maximum Boost
      • -10% slower movement speed on wearer
      • -34% clip size
      • Boost reduced on air jumps

    Looking for

    • Tour of Duty Ticket

      Present this ticket in Mann vs. Machine to play Mann Up Mode on an official server to earn rare items and track progress on your Tour of Duty Badge.

    • Squad Surplus Voucher

      Present this voucher in Mann vs. Machine when starting Mann Up Mode. You and every person on your team will receive an extra item drop when you complete a mission.

  • 13.04.2014

    2 ref for 1 kunai

  • Offering

    Looking for

    • Strange Conniver's Kunai

      • On backstab: absorbs the health from your victim.
      • - 65 max health on wearer

      The Conniver's Kunai is a promotional melee weapon for the Spy. It is a Japanese kunai dagger with a cloth-bound handle. Equipping this weapon reduces the user's max health by 65, thereby lowering the Spy's overall health to a total of 60. Upon a successful backstab, degenerative effects such as afterburn and bleed will end. The victim's total health, including overheal, is then added to the user's own health. This heals any damage taken, and then applies the remainder in the form of an overheal, capping out at a maximum of 180. When the Conniver's Kunai is equipped, the Spy's overheal mechanic functions differently from a standard overheal, depleting at 2 health per second. Overheal applied by a Medic will fade in 15 seconds, while overheal at maximum buff, applied through the Conniver's Kunai, will fade in 60 seconds. Taunting with the Conniver's Kunai equipped allows the Spy to perform a deadly Fencing maneuver. Players who pre-purchased Total War: SHOGUN 2 on Steam before March 15, 2011 were awarded with a Genuine quality version of this item.

  • 13.04.201420 Up!

    crates = scrap oder für eine tradingcard | via PM bitte melden.

  • Offering

    • Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #1

      • Vita-Saw
      • Gunslinger
      • Equalizer
      • Scottish Resistance
      • Old Guadalajara
      • Napper's Respite
      • Name Tag
      • An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
      • A Distinctive Lack of Hue
      • Or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!

      You need a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key to open this. You can pick one up at the Mann Co. Store.

    Looking for

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