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  • 29.10.2014

    Suche gute leute die mir 2 medic sachen geben für so paar sachen aus mein rucksack ihr könnt mich adden wenn ihr wollt

  • Offering

    • Refined Metal

    • Scrap Metal

    • Strange Concheror

      • With buff, some damage Dished out by nearby teammates Comes back as healing

      The Concheror, is a promotional secondary weapon for the Soldier. It is a light brown wooden box with dark brown corners and a quad diamond shaped insignia, accompanied by a conch shell. A white, slightly tattered, vertical banner flag with the same diamond insignia secured onto a pair of bamboo sticks appears when the banner call is played. The Concheror functions in a similar manner to the Buff Banner and the Battalion's Backup, as they provide a specified effect for surrounding teammates. This banner charges through a combination of either dealing or receiving damage. Like the Buff Banner, holding down the primary fire button will delay the effect until the button is released. While this banner's buff is active, allies within 450 units are healed for 35% of the damage they deal. Players who pre-purchased Total War: SHOGUN 2 on Steam before March 15, 2011, were awarded with a Genuine quality version of this item.

    • Tour of Duty Ticket

      Present this ticket in Mann vs. Machine to play Mann Up Mode on an official server to earn rare items and track progress on your Tour of Duty Badge.

    • Cadaver's Capper

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon

    Looking for

    • Big Kill

      The Big kill (Sam's Revolver) is a mock alternative to the Spy's Revolver. Simply being a reskin, the weapon has no unique stats from its counterpart. The weapon was given to players who bought Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse within the first week of its release.

    • Quadwrangler

      This quantum-collared lab coat includes a handy rubber pipe that siphons blood from your heart, where it is not needed, to your shooting arm, where it is!

    • Robo-Sandvich

      Robots don't just run off oil. They also run off metal things constructed to resemble human food. Why? Why don't you tell me, if you're so smart? If anything, eating a metal sandwich makes MORE sense. Why don't you and oil have a baby that you have shared custody of after you and oil have a messy divorce if you love oil so much?

    • Byte'd Beak

      This 17th century plague mask has been upgraded for modern day masquerade-style sex parties with a built-in camera, night vision (for dimly-lit sex parties!) and state-of-the-art sex detection radar.

    • Second Opinion

  • 26.10.2014

  • Offering

    • Hair of the Dog

      • This is a special Halloween item
    • Full Head Of Steam

      You never took a break from cp_foundry, and now you can prove it with the actual steam whistle used to call the breaks you never took!

    • Hitman's Heatmaker

      • Gain Focus on kills and assists
      • Focus activates on Fire when Focus meter is full
      • In Focus: 25% faster charge rate and no unscoping
      • Headshot kills cause decapitation
      • Focus activates on Fire when Focus meter is fullIn Focus: +25% faster charge and no unscoping
      • 20% damage penalty on body shot

      Heads will roll.

    • Ethereal Hood

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
  • 23.10.20142 Up!

    Bei Interesse bitte melden :)

  • Offering

    Looking for

    • Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors

      This is a partner taunt. Press the action slot key to toggle. Opposing teams will face off to the death.

    • Taunt: Conga

      This is a group taunt Other players can join you by activating their weapon taunt Press the action slot key to toggle Use the Strafe keys to rotate as you Conga

  • 20.10.20141 Up!

    trade alle Waffen von BP Seite 1-28 ---> 1:1 + Scrapbanking

  • Offering

    • Holy Mackerel

      • Damage: 32 - 39
      • Minicrit-Damage: 47
      • Crit-Damage: 105

      As a part of the Special Delivery Kit, this in a newspaper wrapped fish replaces you Baseball Bat. It has no special attributes, but gives you a lot of respect after a "FISH KILL!".

    • Red-Tape Recorder

      • Reverses enemy building construction
      • -100% sapper damage penalty
    • Flying Guillotine

      • Throw at your enemies to make them bleed! Long distance hits cause mini-crits
      • 100% critical hit vs stunned players
      • No random critical hits
    • Neon Annihilator

      • 100% critical hit vs wet players
      • Can damage sappers
      • -20% damage penalty vs. players
      • No random critical hits
    • Vaccinator

      • Special-Attack: Cycle through resist types.While healing, provides you and your target with a constant 10% resistance to the selected damage type.
      • +150% ÜberCharge rate
      • -66% Overheal build rate.

      ÜberCharge provides 75% resistance to a selected damage type. You are healed for 25% of the matched incoming damage on your heal target.

  • 17.10.2014

  • Offering

    • Force-A-Nature

      • Damage (point blank): 82 - 101
      • Damage (medium range): 10 - 39
      • Damage (long range): 3 - 10
      • Mini-crit damage: 7.29 per pellet
      • Critical damage: 16.2 per pellet
      • Total shots: 32 + 2 in the weapon
      • Knockback on the target and the shooter
      • +50% faster firing speed
      • +20% bullets per shot
      • -10% damage done
      • -60% clip size

      The Force-A-Nature is one of the three new weapons added with the Scout Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 10 Scout Achievements, thus reaching the"Scout Milestone 2". The weapon is a variation of the Scattergun in terms of design and basic functions, but features a shorter muzzle. It deals about 10% less damage then the Scattergun and has a reduced clip size of 2 shots, but has an increased reload speed. In addition to that, the weapon creates an impact wave at each shot, resulting in enemies being pushed away (as well as the user while in mid-air - also allows triple jumps).

    • Equalizer

      • Damage increases as the user becomes injured
      • Blocks healing when in use

      The Equalizer gets more lethal, the more damage the soldier does take.

    • Dead Ringer

      • Total cloak time: 6.5 seconds
      • Recharge time: 16 seconds

      The Dead Ringer one of the three new weapons added with the Sniper VS Spy Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 17 Spy Achievements, thus reaching the "Spy Milestone 3". Unlike the Invisibility Watch, the Dead Ringer doesn't allow to cloak the Spy by demand, but when hit by something, regardless of an enemy weapon or an environmental object. When triggered, it will create a corpse of the Spy or the class he was being disguised. At the same time, the Spy is cloaked for 5.5 seconds, allowing him to escape and fool the enmy in believing you actually died. Additionally, The damage taken while holding the Dead Ringer and activating its effect will be recuded by 90%. This applies to the first shot only, any additional damage taken while being cloaked is the default 100%.

    • Jarate

      • Impact on enemy players: receive 35% more damage (Minicrits)
      • Impact on enemy cloaked spies: uncloaks them
      • Impact on friendly players: extinguishes flames
      • Duration of effect: 5 seconds
      • Cool-down: 15 seconds
      • Ammunition: Infinite amount of jars.

      Jarate is one of the three new weapons introduced with the sniper vs. spy update. The weapon is being unlocked once you complete 11 sniper achievements thus completing the "Sniper Milestone 2". Jarate is used like a grenade. You throw your jar towards enemy players. But it doesn't deal damage like a real grenade, it "buffs" the enemy player with the Minicrit disadvantage, as they will now receive Minicrits which amplify the damage dealt by 35% for 5 seconds. Minicrits apply to any possibly hit such as melee weapons, bullets and even pyro flames. Moreover, Jarate can uncloak enemy spies, if you happen to hit one as well as extinguish friendly players that have been set on fire by an enemy pyro.

    • Strange Battalion's Backup

      • Buff-Duration: 10 seconds
      • Buff-Range: 600 Units
      • Provides a defensive buff that protects nearby team members from crits and blocks 35% of incoming damage. Rage increases through damage taken.

      Through the suffering of damage, the "Rage-Meter" bar charges exactly like the Medic's ÜberCharge bar. After the activation of this Weapon, you and your comrades (in a radius of 600 Units) will get a buff, which reduces incomming damage by 35%.

    Looking for

    • B.A.S.E. Jumper

      Press 'JUMP' key in the air to deploy. Deployed Parachutes slow your descent.

  • 15.10.2014

  • Offering

    • Sandman

      • Damage: 32 - 39
      • Mini-crit damage: 47
      • Critical damage: 105
      • Knocks out a mean stun ball
      • -15 max health

      The Sandman is one of the three new weapons added with the Scout Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 16 Scout Achievements, thus reaching the "Scout Milestone 2". The weapon is used as a real baseball bat, allowing you to throw a baseball that stuns enemies by contact. The longer the ball flies, the longer the stun will last on the enemy. The Scout can only carry one baseball, and after a ball has been thrown, it will take 10 seconds until a new one will be ready for use. Keep in mind that although you can pick up a thrown baseball or visit a resupply cabinet in order to recharge a baseball faster, you can't do so with normal munition boxes and dropped weapons that aren't baseballs. Scouts who uses the Sandman have 15 less health points.

    • Jag

      Level 15 Wrench</font><br/><font color="#99CCFF">30% faster construction rate</font><br/><font color="#FF4040">-25% damage done</font><br/><br/></font></div>

    • Mantreads

      • 25% reduction in push force taken from damage
      • Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on

      The Mantreads are secondary weapons for the Soldier. They are a pair of bulky leather boots with straps that keep them securely fastened to the Soldier's feet. When equipped, the Mantreads reduce the knock back received from sources such as Stickybombs by 75%. Should the player successfully fall a great distance and land on an enemy, the enemy will take triple the amount of fall damage that the player did.

    • Bootlegger

      • +100% increase in turning control while charging
      • +25 max health on wearer

      The Bootlegger is a primary weapon for the Demoman. It is a single pirate's boot and a peg leg. Used when a pirate loses his leg in battle, the same way as the Demoman uses an eye patch (He loses his eye in battle.). This set is Pirate themed. This weapon functions in exactly the same way as Ali Baba's Wee Booties.

    • Loose Cannon

      • Cannonballs have a fuse time of 2 seconds; fuses can be primed to explode earlier by holding down the fire key.
      • Cannonballs push players back on impact
      • Cannonballs do not explode on impact
      • 50% damage on contact with surfaces

    Looking for

    • Bunsen Brave

      Scientists have long been baffled by the seamless metal construction of Native American grass houses and wigwams. The secret? Native Americans were filled with gasoline, and could reach a welding flame temperature of 3100 °C.

    • Bear Necessities

      "In Siberia, bear try to attack family. He try this once. Now he is little hat."

    • Warmth Preserver

  • 15.10.2014

  • Offering

    • Vintage Whoopee cap

      The Whoopee Cap is a community-created headwear item for the Scout class. It appears as a team-colored, crown-like cap adorned with various logos in the form of badges. Badges for the Badland Brawlers, both Bonk! Atomic Punch Blutonium Berry and Punch Cherry Fission, the Scout class, BLU Streak beer, Mann Co., both the RED and BLU team, XXX Cider, and a miniature of the opponent team's Dispenser can be found encircling the hat.

    • Strange Sidney Sleeper

      • Bodyshot: 45 - 50 (0% Charge)
      • Bodyshot: 70 - 80 (50% Charge) (Jarate Effect starts)
      • Bodyshot: 90- 110 (75% Charge)
      • Bodyshot: 130 - 160 (100% Charge)
      • Minicrit-Damage: 68 (0% Charge) / 203 (100% Charge)
      • Crit-Damage: 150 (0% Charge) / 450 (100% Charge)
      • Shots: 1
      • Total Shots: 25 + 1 in the weapon
      • On Hit: Jarate applied to target for 8 seconds
      • No random critical hits
      • No headshots

      The Sidney Sleeper replaces, as a part of the Croc-o-style Kit your Sniper Rifle. This weapon may help you to coat distant enemies with Jarate, but people will start calling you a "Bodyshotn00b" (someone who can kill people with bodyshots only).

    • Ol' Snaggletooth

      • For complete kit:
      • The wearer cannot be killed by headshots

      The Croc-o-Style Kit decorates your head with this stylish croco hat. Matching the Carapace, people would think you are a real Alligator.

    • Cobber Chameleon

      "This little fellah's the perfect snipin' companion. He's quiet, he's camouflaged, and if you get hungry, you can eat 'im."

    • Lone Survivor

    Looking for

    • Refined Metal

    • An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge

      The Paint Can is a tool item that allows players to change the coloring of hats and Miscellaneous items. Paint Cans are available in 27 different colors and can be used on most cosmetic items. Paint Cans can be purchased from the Mann Co. Store, found via the item drop system, obtained by opening Mann Co. Supply Crates, or through the Trading system. The two types of Paint Cans are single-color and team-color. Items painted with single-color paints retain the one color, whereas team-color paints will switch between RED and BLU variant colors, depending on the player's current team. Paint can be removed from an item to restore it to its original color by selecting the item in the Backpack and clicking 'Restore'. Note, however, that the paint will not be returned to the player.

    • Virtual Viewfinder

      Get a migraine for charity. (99 percent of community revenue goes to fund SpecialEffect, a charity working to help disabled players get back into the game.)

    • Mann Co Select Reserve Crate #60

      • Disciplinary Action
      • Loose Cannon
      • Fan O'War
      • Pomson 6000 Strangifier
      • Strange Part: Kills with a Taunt Attack
      • or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!

      Weapons obtained from this crate will have the Strange quality. You need a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key to open this. You can pick one up at the Mann Co. Store.

  • 09.10.2014

    Das erste ist Profi Das Zweite ist Spezial Und das letzte Profi (Tötungs Serie)

  • Offering

    • Syringe Gun

      • Damage point blank: 10 - 15
      • Damage medium range: 5 - 10
      • Damage long range: 5 - 6
      • Mini-crit-Damage: 14
      • Critical damage: 30
      • Shots: 40
      • Munition: 150 + 40 in the weapon

      The only fire weapon the Medic can resort to if he needs to is the Syringe Gun. The gun shoots out about 10 syringes per second that individually don’t do a lot of damage but since the fire rate is quite high represent considerable danger especially to low-health classes. The syringes are subject to ballistics which makes them fall towards the ground with increasing flying distance. So, the further away a target is the higher up the Medic needs to aim in order to score hits. Oops, that was not medicine.

    • Vintage Kritzkrieg

      • 0 - 10 seconds: 24 HP / second
      • 11 - 14 seconds: 48 HP / second
      • 15 seconds: 72 HP / second

      The Kritzkrieg is one of the three new weapons added with the Gold Rush Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 16 Medic Achievements, thus reaching the "Medic Milestone 2". Like the Medigun, the Kritzkrieg heals its target and extends the target's health up to 50% from its default maximum amount of health points. The big difference is that an UberCharge won't make the Medic and its target invincible, but instead allows its target to have critical hits with any weapon for 10 seconds. Healing Basics: The healing rate depends on how long a wounded player hasn't been attacked by the enemy. The longer a player can avoid further damage, the faster he/she will be healed. There are 3 healing rates in total

    • Handsome_Dude

      • Allows you to see enemy health.

      The Solemn Vow is a melee weapon for the Medic. It is a marble bust of Hippocrates, inset with a plaque reading "Do no harm," the guiding principle of the Hippocratic Oath. Wielding this weapon allows the player to view enemy health and names, providing strategic information that could aid the team. The item was previously tested in the Team Fortress 2 Beta as the Beta Bonesaw.

  • 04.10.2014

    War Pig = 1,66 ref Whirly Warrior = 1,66 ref

  • Offering

    Looking for

    • War Pig

      After complaints that obstructed vision was affecting his performance, Soldier slapped some goggles on a helmet and charged back into the fray. His performance did not improve, but on the upside, everyone has stopped expecting anything from him.

    • Whirly Warrior

      "To your left, some French buildings. Directly in front of us is the Eiffel Tower, which I about to bring down. This concludes our helicopter tour of France."

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