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  • 24.07.2014

    Eden bei Steam Dr.Cakehole [Bl_He]

  • Offering

    • Bonk Boy

      Bonk Boy is a headwear item for the Scout, released with the Über Update. It is a team-colored latex mask, with stylized wing attachments on the sides.

    • Purity Fist

      The Purity Fist is a miscellaneous item for the Heavy. It is a heavily-augmented biomechanical limb that replaces the Heavy's left arm, but makes no change to the melee damage dealt. It was awarded in Genuine quality to players who pre-purchased Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Steam before August 26, 2011, and to attendees of the Square Enix booth at PAX Prime 2011.

    • Einstein

      • This is a special Halloween Item

    Looking for

    • Last Breath

    • Breakneck Baggies

      Combining the comfort of pajamas with the genital-concealing subterfuge of pants, these aerodynamic trackies will let your enemies know you're a man of mystery who probably got a good night's sleep.

  • 20.07.201442 Up!

    Verkaufe alle normalen Waffen auf Backpack Seite 1 für 1x Scrap!

  • Offering

    • Wrangler

      Engineers can use the Wrangler to take control and aim their Sentry Gun. An Engineer-controlled Sentry Gun won't select targets by itself. The Wrangler creates a shield that absorbs 66% of all incoming damage.

    • Brass Beast

      • +20% damage done
      • 50% slower spin up time
      • -60% slower move speed while deployed

      The Brass Beast is a community-made primary weapon for the Heavy. It is an antique machine gun made almost entirely of brass, bearing resemblance to the original 1861 Gatling gun made by Richard J. Gatling. This weapon does more damage per second than the original Minigun, at the cost of a lengthy spin up time and slower movement speed while it is both deployed and revved up. As a result, players are unable to move effectively whilst deployed, but can deal significant damage to oncoming enemies. This makes the Brass Beast particularly strong in defensive situations where a Heavy can keep the weapon spinning without having to move.

    • Soda Popper

      • +25% faster reload time
      • +50% faster firing speed
      • -60% clip size
      • No random critical hits

      Builds hype as you run. When the hype meter is full, unleash mini-crits! The Soda Popper is a primary weapon for the Scout. It is a broken Force-A-Nature repaired with several black bands, with slitted barrels and a can of Crit-a-Cola attached underneath. The weapon offers 25% faster reloading speed and 50% faster firing speed compared to the default Scattergun. However, it restricted to loading two shots at a time, and it is incapable of delivering random critical hits. In addition, equipping the Soda Popper places a "hype" meter on the HUD, which charges whilst the player is moving with the weapon in use. It takes approximately 5200 Hammer units of distance traveled, either through running or jumping, to fill up the hype meter. When the meter is full, all weapons will automatically deal mini-crits for 8 seconds

    • Solemn Vow

      • Allows you to see enemy health.

      The Solemn Vow is a melee weapon for the Medic. It is a marble bust of Hippocrates, inset with a plaque reading "Do no harm," the guiding principle of the Hippocratic Oath. Wielding this weapon allows the player to view enemy health and names, providing strategic information that could aid the team. The item was previously tested in the Team Fortress 2 Beta as the Beta Bonesaw.

    • Bootlegger

      • +100% increase in turning control while charging
      • +25 max health on wearer

      The Bootlegger is a primary weapon for the Demoman. It is a single pirate's boot and a peg leg. Used when a pirate loses his leg in battle, the same way as the Demoman uses an eye patch (He loses his eye in battle.). This set is Pirate themed. This weapon functions in exactly the same way as Ali Baba's Wee Booties.

    Looking for

  • 19.07.2014

  • Offering

    • BONK! Energy Drink

      • 8 Seconds Invulnerably

      The Atomic Punch energy drink is one of the three new weapons added with the Scout Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 22 Scout Achievements, thus reaching the "Scout Milestone 3". When used, the Scout becomes invulnerable for 1.25 seconds. No matter what weapon is used against the Scout, he doesn't take any damage whatsoever. He also doesn't take any damage when falling from high spots, but still dies from drowning since BONK! can't be used underwater. After the effect faded, the Scout will stay in a near-lethargy stasis, forcing him to move about 50% slower then normal for 6 seconds. While invulnerable, the Scout can neither capture the Intel nor capture a Control Point. He also can't attack any weapon, but can reload them. The camera switches to third person perspective during this time, much like when taunting with a class.

    • Dueling Mni-Game

      The Duelling Mini-Game allows you to challenge an opponent player to a duel. Every time you kill him, you obtain Duel Points. The player with the most Duel Points at the end of the round wins the game. The Duelling Mini-Game can be purchased in the store for 0,99€ (5 uses possible).

    • Unusual Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headt

      • No random critical hits
      • -25 max health on wearer

      Cursed by dark spirits similar to those that dwell within the Eyelander.

    • Berliner's Bucket Helm

    Looking for

    • Freedom Staff

      Since America was founded over ten thousand years ago, the noble eagle has been its symbol of freedom. Show people how much you like freedom by clubbing them senseless with a golden eagle on a stick, just like Kofi Annan.

    • Hornblower

      "This uniform was worn by Horatio Nelson during the Napoleonic Wars! If you sunk his ship he would swim at you with a cannon on his back! If he ran out of cannonballs he would fire himself at your hull! That is how bad he wanted to beat the French!"

    • Macabre Mask

      • Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon
    • Little Drummer Mann

    • Bread Bite

      • When weapon is active:
      • Sets weapon mode #%s1
      • +129,99999523163% faster move speed on wearer
      • 75% damage penalty
      • You are marked for death while active, and for short period after switching weapons

      Inspired by the TF2 Movie 'Expiration Date'

  • 18.07.2014

    Gen Doublecross-Comm: 3.5 Keys Pink Graybanns: 2 Keys Brown Bomer: All Class hat has Halloween: Voices From Below spell: 10 keys, The Red Socks: 1 Key

  • Offering

    • Brown Bomber

      The Brown Bomber is a community-created headwear item wearable by all classes. It is a shearling sheep-skin aviator hat. The second style, named "Hipster", gives the hat a plaid pattern. The Brown Bomber was contributed to the Steam Workshop under the name "Winter Wasteland Warmer".

    • Genuine Doublecross-Comm

      This battlefield awareness bandanna is stitched with nanofibers that can download battlefields from Wikipedia straight to your face, so you will never not be aware of them.

    • Graybanns

      Gray Mann might be a heartless villain. But he DOES make some sweet sunglasses. Hate the player, not the game.

    • Red Socks

    Looking for

  • 16.07.2014

  • Offering

    Looking for

    • Reserve Shooter

      • Mini-crits airborne targets for 3 seconds after being deployed
      • +15% faster weapon switch
      • -50% clip size

      The Reserve Shooter is a secondary weapon for the Soldier. It is a pump-action shotgun with army green metal on the barrel and receiver and tan-wooden fore-end and stock. At the cost of having only three shells per clip, this weapon increases the speed in which the Soldier switches between weapons by 15%. Additionally, it is able to deliver mini-crits to airborne targets for 3 seconds after switching to it from another weapon. Unlike the Direct Hit, which has a similar effect, the mini-crits are awarded even if the enemy was not launched into the air by explosive damage.

  • 16.07.2014

  • Offering

    • Rocket Jumper

      • No self inflected blast damage taken
      • +200% max primary ammo on wearer
      • -100% damage done
      • Wearer cannot carry the intelligence briefcase

      The Rocket Jumper is a primary weapon replacement for the Soldier released with the Polycount Update, though not a part of the Soldier's Tank Buster Pack. It's special type of Rocket Launcher focused on learning to rocket jump, as the user neither deals nor receives damage upon firing. The Rocket Jumper also grants 200% max ammo on wearer, for extra practice of course

    • Air Strike

      • Increased attack speed while blast jumping
      • Clip size increased on kill
      • 85,000002384186% explosion radius
      • 75% damage penalty
      • 75% clip size

    Looking for

  • 14.07.20145 Up!

    Kisten_vorhanden: 49, 55, 78, 83

  • Offering

    • Camera beard

    • Conscientious Objector

      • This item functions identically to the wielder's default melee weapon.

      The Conscientious Objector is a weapon equippable by all classes with the exception of the Engineer and the Spy. It is an uprooted road sign, with a worn sheet of paper bearing the Team Fortress 2 logo nailed onto the front; the image can be replaced with another by using the Decal Tool. The sign itself is ridden with nails, battered, bloodstained, and slightly crooked. This item functions identically to the wielder's default melee weapon.

    • Loose Cannon

      • Cannonballs have a fuse time of 2 seconds; fuses can be primed to explode earlier by holding down the fire key.
      • Cannonballs push players back on impact
      • Cannonballs do not explode on impact
      • 50% damage on contact with surfaces
    • Rescue Ranger

      • Alt-Fire: Use metal to pick up buildings from long range
      • Fires a special bolt that can repair friendly buildings
      • Self mark for death on building pick up
      • 50% max primary ammo on wearer
      • 66% clip size

    Looking for

  • 10.07.2014

    mercs muffler und virtual viewfinder gefärbt suche taunts jeder art wer interesse hat soll mich adden ;)

  • Offering

    • U-clank-a

      Roast this steel ushanka in the fire and place it on your head for sustained warmth throughout the day. Make sure to come up with an impressive sounding fake anecdote for your third degree burns!

    • Merc's Muffler

      The perfect winter accessory for those times when your holiday fun escalates into a high-casualty firefight. 90% more blood-absorbent than any other scarf on the market!

    • Modest Metal Pile of Scrap

      This humble hat pile of one tells the world that there are more important things in life than money. Like for instance not having any.

    • Virtual Viewfinder

      Get a migraine for charity. (99 percent of community revenue goes to fund SpecialEffect, a charity working to help disabled players get back into the game.)

    • Ze Ãœbermensch

    Looking for

  • 09.07.2014

    Einfach in Steam adden...

  • Offering

    • AWPer Hand

      This controversial bolt-action beaut is banned in thousands of countries, and with good reason: You could really hurt someone with this thing.

    Looking for

    • Refined Metal

    • Taunt: Conga

      This is a group taunt Other players can join you by activating their weapon taunt Press the action slot key to toggle Use the Strafe keys to rotate as you Conga

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