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  • 29.09.2014

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    • Buccaneer's Bicorne

      The Buccaneer's Bicorne is a community-created headwear item for the Demoman. It is a gold-trimmed bicorne, of the type stereotypically worn by pirates. A large skull and crossbones are emblazoned across the front, and a set of team-colored feathers are pinned to the back. It also includes a small golden earring.

  • 28.09.2014

    Zusätzlich suche ich seltsame, klassische, tötungsserie,... Items. Einfach Nachricht schicken oder in steam adden.In meinem Inventar hab ich noch mehr Items zum Traden!! Also ich freu mich auf einen Handel! :D Ich hab noch mehr Sachen,wieDuellx5

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    • Enchantment: Eternaween

      This server-wide enchantment can be used to enable Halloween/Full Moon items on a registered server for two hours. Casting this enchantment will open a vote to gather consent from the other players on the server. This item will be consumed when the server enchantment ends.

    • Carious Chameleon

    Looking for

    • Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pi

      • Effect: Genteel Pipe Smoke

      Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe is a miscellaneous item for the Soldier. It replaces the Soldier's helmet with a novelty hairpiece and beard as well as a novelty smoking pipe, complete with a "Genteel Pipe Smoke" effect.

  • 27.09.201443 Up!

    Je Waffe 1x Scrap

  • Offering

    • Dead Ringer

      • Total cloak time: 6.5 seconds
      • Recharge time: 16 seconds

      The Dead Ringer one of the three new weapons added with the Sniper VS Spy Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 17 Spy Achievements, thus reaching the "Spy Milestone 3". Unlike the Invisibility Watch, the Dead Ringer doesn't allow to cloak the Spy by demand, but when hit by something, regardless of an enemy weapon or an environmental object. When triggered, it will create a corpse of the Spy or the class he was being disguised. At the same time, the Spy is cloaked for 5.5 seconds, allowing him to escape and fool the enmy in believing you actually died. Additionally, The damage taken while holding the Dead Ringer and activating its effect will be recuded by 90%. This applies to the first shot only, any additional damage taken while being cloaked is the default 100%.

    • Sun-on-a-Stick

      • crit vs burning player
      • -25% damage done

      Spiky end goes into other man.

    • Manmelter

      • Does not require ammo
      • Projectile cannot be deflected
      • Gives one guaranteed critical hit for eachteammate extinguished by this weapon
      • No random critical hits

      Being a boon to tree-fellers, backwoodsmen and atom-splitters the world over, this miraculous matter-hewing device burns each individual molecule as it cleaves it.

    • Cozy Camper

      • No flinching when aiming
      • Knockback reduced by 20% when aiming
      • +1 health regenerated per second on wearer
      • -80% slower move speed when aiming

      The Cozy Camper is a community-created secondary weapon for the Sniper. It is a large team-colored backpack with camping gear attached. The attached gear includes Jarate, a Stainless Pot, a miniature Australian flag, and a koala doll with a slouch hat. The pot and the Jarate sway when the Sniper moves. When equipped, the Cozy Camper will prevent the Sniper from 'flinching' such that the Sniper Rifle's scope will not move when taking damage, such as weapon fire, bleeding, or afterburn. Additionally, overall knockback is reduced by 20%. As a downside, the Sniper will move 90% slower while scoped. In the case of the Huntsman, the effects are applied while the Sniper has the bow string pulled back.

    • Rescue Ranger

      • Alt-Fire: Use metal to pick up buildings from long range
      • Fires a special bolt that can repair friendly buildings
      • Self mark for death on building pick up
      • 50% max primary ammo on wearer
      • 66% clip size

    Looking for

  • 27.09.2014

  • Offering

    • Brass Beast

      • +20% damage done
      • 50% slower spin up time
      • -60% slower move speed while deployed

      The Brass Beast is a community-made primary weapon for the Heavy. It is an antique machine gun made almost entirely of brass, bearing resemblance to the original 1861 Gatling gun made by Richard J. Gatling. This weapon does more damage per second than the original Minigun, at the cost of a lengthy spin up time and slower movement speed while it is both deployed and revved up. As a result, players are unable to move effectively whilst deployed, but can deal significant damage to oncoming enemies. This makes the Brass Beast particularly strong in defensive situations where a Heavy can keep the weapon spinning without having to move.

    • Soda Popper

      • +25% faster reload time
      • +50% faster firing speed
      • -60% clip size
      • No random critical hits

      Builds hype as you run. When the hype meter is full, unleash mini-crits! The Soda Popper is a primary weapon for the Scout. It is a broken Force-A-Nature repaired with several black bands, with slitted barrels and a can of Crit-a-Cola attached underneath. The weapon offers 25% faster reloading speed and 50% faster firing speed compared to the default Scattergun. However, it restricted to loading two shots at a time, and it is incapable of delivering random critical hits. In addition, equipping the Soda Popper places a "hype" meter on the HUD, which charges whilst the player is moving with the weapon in use. It takes approximately 5200 Hammer units of distance traveled, either through running or jumping, to fill up the hype meter. When the meter is full, all weapons will automatically deal mini-crits for 8 seconds

    • Overdose

      • -10% damage done

      The Overdose is a primary weapon for the Medic. It is a prototype Syringe Gun, with a white and team-colored needle disposal container in place of a needle cache. This weapon deals 10% less damage than that of the stock Syringe Gun. However, as the Medic builds up his ÜberCharge, his movement speed while holding the Overdose will increase proportionally, reaching a maximum of 10%. The Overdose was previously tested in the Team Fortress 2 Beta as the Beta Syringe Gun.

    • Hitman's Heatmaker

      • Gain Focus on kills and assists
      • Focus activates on Fire when Focus meter is full
      • In Focus: 25% faster charge rate and no unscoping
      • Headshot kills cause decapitation
      • Focus activates on Fire when Focus meter is fullIn Focus: +25% faster charge and no unscoping
      • 20% damage penalty on body shot

      Heads will roll.

    • Rescue Ranger

      • Alt-Fire: Use metal to pick up buildings from long range
      • Fires a special bolt that can repair friendly buildings
      • Self mark for death on building pick up
      • 50% max primary ammo on wearer
      • 66% clip size

    Looking for

    • Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

      With this key you are able to open a Mann Co. Suppy Crate. The key can only be bought in the store.

    • Solemn Vow

      • Allows you to see enemy health.

      The Solemn Vow is a melee weapon for the Medic. It is a marble bust of Hippocrates, inset with a plaque reading "Do no harm," the guiding principle of the Hippocratic Oath. Wielding this weapon allows the player to view enemy health and names, providing strategic information that could aid the team. The item was previously tested in the Team Fortress 2 Beta as the Beta Bonesaw.

  • 22.09.2014

  • Offering

    • Equalizer

      • Damage increases as the user becomes injured
      • Blocks healing when in use

      The Equalizer gets more lethal, the more damage the soldier does take.

    • Buffalo Steak Sandvich

      • Effect-Lenght: 15 seconds
      • move speed is increased, damage done and taken will be mini-crits
      • player may only use melee weapons

      The Buffalo Steak Sandvich is a community-made secondary weapon for the Heavy. It is simply a slab of raw steak, supposedly from a buffalo, with a visible marrow bone. When eaten with primary fire, the weapon heals no damage to the Heavy, but bestows a multitude of buffs: move speed is increased to 311 HU/s — roughly 35% faster than the Heavy's normal walking speed — damage dealt and damage taken are delivered as Mini-crits, and the player is restricted to using melee weapons for the duration of the buffs. The buffs last for a total of 15 seconds. Should the player use secondary fire, the item will be thrown to the ground and functions as a pickup similar to the Sandvich, providing health upon being picked up. The primary fire effects are not applied on dropped Steaks. Should the Heavy be killed whilst holding the Buffalo Steak Sandvich, it will be dropped as a collectible for 50 health — 75 for a Scout.

    • Enforcer

      • +20% damage bonus while undisguised
      • 20% slower firing speed
      • No random critical hits

      The Enforcer is a community-made secondary weapon for the Spy. It is a snubnosed revolver with a pearl grip. The Enforcer delivers 20% more damage to enemies than the Revolver when undisguised. However, it fires 20% slower and cannot deal random crits.

    • Persian Persuader

      • +100% increase in charge recharge rate
      • All ammo collected becomes health
      • No random critical hits

      The Persian Persuader is a melee weapon for the Demoman. It is a scimitar with a brass hilt and a bloodied blade. Having the weapon equipped doubles the recharge rate of the charge of the Chargin' Targe or Splendid Screen, allowing for more frequent use of the ability. In addition, it converts any ammo collected into health. If the Demoman's health is full he will receive ammo.

    • Loose Cannon

      • Cannonballs have a fuse time of 2 seconds; fuses can be primed to explode earlier by holding down the fire key.
      • Cannonballs push players back on impact
      • Cannonballs do not explode on impact
      • 50% damage on contact with surfaces

    Looking for

    • Sandman

      • Damage: 32 - 39
      • Mini-crit damage: 47
      • Critical damage: 105
      • Knocks out a mean stun ball
      • -15 max health

      The Sandman is one of the three new weapons added with the Scout Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 16 Scout Achievements, thus reaching the "Scout Milestone 2". The weapon is used as a real baseball bat, allowing you to throw a baseball that stuns enemies by contact. The longer the ball flies, the longer the stun will last on the enemy. The Scout can only carry one baseball, and after a ball has been thrown, it will take 10 seconds until a new one will be ready for use. Keep in mind that although you can pick up a thrown baseball or visit a resupply cabinet in order to recharge a baseball faster, you can't do so with normal munition boxes and dropped weapons that aren't baseballs. Scouts who uses the Sandman have 15 less health points.

    • Übersaw

      • Damage: 59 - 72
      • Minicrit-Damage: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195

      The Ubersaw is one of the three new weapons added with the Gold Rush Update. The weapon becomes available after unlocking 22 Medic Achievements, thus reaching the "Medic Milestone 3". The weapon deals the same amount of damage as the Bonesaw does. In addition to that, it charges the Medigun or the Kritzkrieg when successfully hurting a target. After 4 successful hits, the UberCharge or CritsCharge is ready for use.

    • Amputator

      • On Taunt: Applies a healing effect to all nearby teammates
      • +3 health regenerated per second on wearer
      • -20% damage penalty

      The Amputator is a melee weapon for the Medic and was released as part of the The Medieval Medic set. It is a saw with angular edges and a distinct team-colored handle with the Medic's logo in the middle. Despite being almost identical to the Bonesaw, when the player taunts with this weapon a Medicating Melody is produced and all nearby teammates are healed. This process allows multiple healings to occur at once. Should teammates within the taunt's area successfully kill an enemy, the Medic will be credited with an assist kill.

    • Winger

      • +15% damage done
      • -60% clip size

      The Winger is a secondary weapon for the Scout. It is a pistol with a radioactivity symbol printed on its grip and a small pair of yellow wings spreading back toward the magazine. This weapon deals 15% more damage than the default Pistol, but can only load 5 shots at a time.

    • Flying Guillotine

      • Throw at your enemies to make them bleed! Long distance hits cause mini-crits
      • 100% critical hit vs stunned players
      • No random critical hits
  • 22.09.2014

  • Looking for

    • Grenade Launcher

      • Damage: 64 - 132
      • Critical damage: 284 - 296
      • Total shots: 16 + 4 in the weapon

      With the grenade launcher, the Demoman can deal much damage in no time. Though, the grenades explodes by direct contact with an enemy player or an enemy building, otherwise they explode automatically 2 to 3 seconds after hitting a ceiling, a wall or the ground.

  • 21.09.20144 Up!

    pug und escorter für jeweils 17, snaggle, dixie und conn für je 22 keys, gerne auch items offern, den dreckigen rest vom fest gibts hier: www.tf2outpost.com/user/134278

  • Offering

    Looking for

    • Earbuds

      Every player, who launched Team Fortress 2 on a Mac between June 10 and June 14 2010, achieved this earbuds.

    • Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

      With this key you are able to open a Mann Co. Suppy Crate. The key can only be bought in the store.

  • 15.09.2014

  • Offering

    • Gunboats

      • -60% damage by rocket jumps

      The Soldier\'s Gunboats replace his shotgun. They reduce the damage taken by rocket jumps and wall jumps by 60%

    • Buff Banner

      • 10 seconds Mini-crits for all near Team mates

      As with the medic, the buff banner charges a bar. It's charged by the damage which is dealt by the Soldier. When it's fully charged, the "Call to War" rings out. Team members in range gain Mini-crit hits for a maximum 10 seconds.

    • Battalion's Backup

      • Buff-Duration: 10 seconds
      • Buff-Range: 600 Units
      • Provides a defensive buff that protects nearby team members from crits and blocks 35% of incoming damage. Rage increases through damage taken.

      Through the suffering of damage, the "Rage-Meter" bar charges exactly like the Medic's ÜberCharge bar. After the activation of this Weapon, you and your comrades (in a radius of 600 Units) will get a buff, which reduces incomming damage by 35%.

    • Tomislav

      • +10% faster spin up time
      • This weapon has no barrel spin sound
      • -20% firing speed

      Tomislav is a primary weapon for the Heavy. It is an over-sized, heavily modified Thompson submachine gun with two handles, an ammo drum connected to its underside, and a carrying sling hanging from the drum to the handguard. This weapon sports a 75% faster spin-up time complete with a suppressed sound, ideal for ambushing opponents. This, however, comes at the cost of firing 20% slower, resulting in a reduced application of damage per second.

    • Bootlegger

      • +100% increase in turning control while charging
      • +25 max health on wearer

      The Bootlegger is a primary weapon for the Demoman. It is a single pirate's boot and a peg leg. Used when a pirate loses his leg in battle, the same way as the Demoman uses an eye patch (He loses his eye in battle.). This set is Pirate themed. This weapon functions in exactly the same way as Ali Baba's Wee Booties.

    Looking for

    • Pomson 6000

      • Does not require ammo
      • Projectile penetrates enemy targets
      • Projectile cannot be deflected
      • On Hit: Victim loses 10 Medigun charge
      • On Hit: Victim loses 20 cloak

      Being an innovative hand-held irradiating utensil capable of producing rapid pulses of high-amplitude radiation in sufficient quantity as to immolate, maim and otherwise incapacitate the Irish.

    • Rescue Ranger

      • Alt-Fire: Use metal to pick up buildings from long range
      • Fires a special bolt that can repair friendly buildings
      • Self mark for death on building pick up
      • 50% max primary ammo on wearer
      • 66% clip size
  • 15.09.2014

    Hi all szusammen Ich handel meinen Miami Night Dread Knote gegen einer der Unusuals unten. Heavy Duty Rag Terror Watt, Heavy Duty Rag Stormy Storm, Big Country Blizzardy Storm oder Surgeon's Stahlhelm Bubbling. 1:1 Unusual 1,1buds

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    Looking for

  • 10.09.2014

    I can offer: 2 Refined metals 1 Color 216-190-216 1 Radigan Conagher Brown 1 Name Tag 1 Tour of Duty Ticket 1 #84 series Crate 1 #85 series Crate Worth 11.66 ref in total. Pls PM me

  • Looking for

    • Upgrade to Premium Gift

      Trade away this item to a friend with a free account. Once they use it, they'll automatically be converted to a premium account and enjoy perks such as extra backpack slots

  • 08.09.2014

    wenn du da von eins hast add mich einfach in steam wir verhandeln

  • Looking for

    • Prince Tavish's Crown

    • Crocleather Slouch

      Made from Australia's only natural resource.

    • Sharp Dresser

      The Sharp Dresser is a promotional melee weapon for the Spy. It is a retractable blade with an eagle-shaped hook worn under the sleeve like those used by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the video game series Assassin's Creed. This weapon functions identically to the standard Knife.

    • Freedom Staff

      Since America was founded over ten thousand years ago, the noble eagle has been its symbol of freedom. Show people how much you like freedom by clubbing them senseless with a golden eagle on a stick, just like Kofi Annan.

    • Bruiser's Bandanna

  • 08.09.2014


  • Offering

    • Name Tag

      This Name Tag was brought with the Mann-Conomy Update and allows you, to change the name of an item.

    • Scrap Metal

    • Reclaimed Metal

    • Description Tag

      Changes the description of an item in your backpack

    • Sharpened Volcano Fragment

      • On Hit: target is engulfed in flames
      • -20% damage done

      Improves upon Mother Nature's original design for volcanos by increasing portability. Modern science is unable to explain exactly where the lava is coming from.

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