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Machinima Monday: Featuring MisterMild
Written by Unknown on 23.07.2012 Time 00:51

MisterMild is no stranger to longtime Team Fortress 2 players. He has produced a series of high-quality Gmod videos in the past -  Panic Sniper, Heavy's Revelation and Engineer Techno being just a few of them. Aside from showing you his two newest videos (MEAT the Pyro, K.I.A), we also have a comparison for you: A Source Filmmaker video made in both 2010 and 2012.

Before Valve released the beta of the Source Filmmaker this year, there existed a leaked version of the tool. It would crash quite often and was, needless to say, not exactly legit to acquire. Even so, some people were able to produce some videos with them, and in case of MisterMild's video, even were able to pull off a trick or two even back then.

The biggest feature of the pre-2012 Source Filmmaker was the ability to record yourself dozens of times in the same scene without requiring other players. There also existed custom animation support, but only on a very, VERY basic scale. A few years later, the tool has become more than just a TF2-specific replay tool and even allows to produce entire animation films - quite an impressive evolution for a movie tool available for free.



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Source Filmmaker (Old 2010 SFM) - The Heavy Gang



There can be only One! (SFM)



MEAT the Pyro







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